Sunday, August 17, 2008

The Weekend

A busy and VERY HOT weekend.

All the wounds were done, all the extra feed fed. We moved Jackson and Abilene, who have gained weight, into Assisted Living and Shadow and Alamo were moved into the Gummies to fatten up a bit. Each area- Little Vacation Village, Assisted Living, and Gummie I and Gummie II are fed Equine Senior, each area in varying degrees. Depending on how much the horse needs to eat.

Aviator left for his new home in New Hampshire. He is being professionally hauled with Mitch from Wings Horse Transport (Shiloh's regular long distance hauler). It will take him about a week to get to his new family, Mitch takes his time with the horses. Blackjack also left for his new home in CA on Saturday. His new family came to pick him up. We are all very happy to see these nice geldings moving on to their new futures.

Sabine taught some lessons. Jenny rode her adopted horse, Kobe (now named Colbert), they really look great together! We all had birthday cake for Laurie's Birthday and we all sat down for a meeting and discussed Olympia's issue and a plan of action...

Shiloh's friend, Jo Deibel from Angel Acres Horse Haven Rescue in PA organized the New Holland horses' traveling paperwork. All the horses are doing well and are getting ready for their trip west. Big thanks to Jo and her crew for doing this for us- I know it wasn't easy catching them all!
The pregnant Haflinger mare hides! She has really gained alot of weight and looks much better.
Haflinger mare and her foal.
The Percheron mare- what a face!

Look at those fields! Poor guys- the desert is going to be a HUGE shock for them! Wouldn't it be nice if all the Shiloh Horses had fields like this!

The Big Pasture horses kick up their heels!
Having fun!
Cochise comes out of the trees...
Thistle and Cloud...
Hilo and Balboa
Look at the beautiful mountains...
Where's Sunday?
Time for lunch!
What is this green stuff that my mom eats? Am I supposed to eat that too?

Sunday gets a hug from volunteer, John...
John and Sandy and Sunday, how cute!
Sunday wonders what the long orange things are that all the horses get on the weekend. He's a quick learner!
Laurie's Birthday!
Soot gets some love!


Jenny K. said...

What great pictures! I can't wait to meet the new arrivals. I hope they have a safe and happy trip here.

Cheryl said...

Awww...what cute pictures! It looks like everyone had a good day! Isn't that nice?