Monday, August 31, 2009


A hot and windy day. There is lots of smoke in the air from the CA wildfires...

Tuesday is vet day at Shiloh, so we will have lots to post about tomorrow!

Part of the Area 51 herd eating their breakfast in the back. Notice how you can't see the mountains in the background due to the smoke.

Napa, under City Center, patiently waiting to have her leg wound cleaned.

It looks worse than it is, both the inside and the outside look like this. But, as I said before, it's all superficial (skin only) and the Tendons and Ligaments are not affected. We are cleaning and dressing it daily, wrapping it to keep it clean and she is on antibiotics.

As usual on hot days, City Center is the hub of activity.
Today was Abbey and Emily's last day at Shiloh, both girls took their horses out for a ride around the ranch. Here goes Abbey and Moses.

Valentine out in the Okay Corral.

Sanctuary Horse, Tulsa in the Okay Corral.

Tecate and his pal, Obsidian, share a feeder in the Okay Corral.

County Critters

Shiloh was featured on a segment of "County Critters".



Sunday, August 30, 2009


Another busy Saturday at Shiloh...

We have been working hard on getting our Shiloh Shop set up and it looks like it is finally ready! Huge thanks to Sandi and John who have been working very hard to get it open. The Shiloh Shop will have all our Shiloh Gear (t-shirts, visors, hats, etc), beaded horse shoes, DVDs and Books, new and used equipment, etc available for donations. We are always accepting donations of used equipment, riding clothes, etc to put in our store. All proceeds go to feeding the horses so make sure you check it out on your next visit to the rescue!

Salsa and Dave...

A busy day with lots of activity. Many Boarders were out riding and enjoying their horses and Sabine held a Basic Horsemanship class.

We were even able to go on a short trail. Sally and Sage and Tanis and I led the group out of the ranch...

Lots of dust, but we had a good time. Dave and Numerous, Sally and Sage, Kelly and Priceless (Kelly is my sister-in-law), Abbey on Moses and Emily on Little Dude.
Just to show you how horses can get into trouble anywhere and out of the blue- Napa pawed on the feed cart as they were in the pasture feeding hay. She got her foot stuck by the hitch and tore up her skin on her Cannon bone. Luckily, although there was a lot of blood, it was superficial and she will be just fine. We wrapped her up and started her on antibiotics. We walk all of the pastures daily to make sure there is nothing that can hurt the horses and then one of them goes ahead and sticks her foot in the gator and trailer...

Salsa greeted some visitors...
Emily and Dude...

One of the Bungalow horses broke a water spigot in the night and completely flooded the Bungalows. But, it was so hot out that the horses and the pigs enjoyed playing in the water.

Saturday, August 29, 2009


Another very hot day, it actually felt like one of the hottest so far this year.

I Love this picture. It's taken from the gravel road and shows some of the Okay Corral horses lined up at their feeders along the back fenceline. Look how good everyone is getting along!

Part of the Okay Corral Pasture (the opposite side from the road, up towards the front). This pasture free feeds on grass hay as well as eats formulated feed daily.

Okay Corral again. The back is full of Mesquite trees for more shade.

Part of Assisted Living eating their Equine Senior. Left to right, Ice, Kelso and Freedom.

Little Vacation Village eating their feed.

Part of our Medical Dispensary room. This is where we keep all of the medications for the rescue. We have a refrigerator as well as a wall lined with lockers and cabinets to hold the meds.

Friday, August 28, 2009

A Hot Thursday

Shiloh will be attending the Cedar City, Utah auction on Thursday, September 3rd. This sale is frequented by multiple Killer Buyers and there should be around 40 horses run through. Please consider donating to our Slaughter Fund, where your donation directly saves a horse's life. We will be saving at least 4 horses.

It was stifling out at Shiloh on Thursday, little breeze and just plain hot. It is supposed to get even hotter this weekend, above 105 degrees...

Daria rode and worked with Kerkorian. We are working hard to get adoption videos on all of the adoptable horses. We will now be showing the horse's ground manners, leading, tacking up, etc on the videos. Kerkorian got along great with Daria. He is such a sweet guy and he needs a home of his own home after the hard life he has had.

Donkey Otie spent some time on the Cherry Pie grass.

Capone looking great in Little Vacation Village.
This is Sanctuary Horse, Providence. He has two growths, one in his chest and one in his throat (he had the one in his throat at the time of his rescue a few years ago). We have him checked regularly by the vet and we are watching his quality of life. Surprisingly, the growths don't seem to affect him too much, although they keep him thin. He is in the Super Gummies Pen.

The growth in his neck.

Roy returned from the vet clinic yesterday. We are happy to have him at home and he seemed happy to be back. He is staying in a barn stall while we treat his Jugular issue.

Another barn member, Eagle, eats his Equine Senior...

City Slicker out in the Okay Corral.

Sally scrubs one of the water tubs in Okay Corral while Seemore and Poker watch.

The City Center was busy all day in the heat. It's the coolest place on the ranch.

Eagle's big decision for the day, to wander or not to wander...

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Weds- a great day!

A very hot and windless day today, but we got a lot done.

Sally worked on our office area, which has been completely taken over by the pigs, Jimmy Dean and Bacon Bits. Yesterday, as I went in to use the restroom and was walking past Bacon Bits- she squealed and bit me! How dare I go into OUR office to use OUR restroom, right? Well, from today on, things are a changing...

The sight that greeted us yesterday morning- the pigs had knocked every off of the shelves and gone through it all...
Look at that mess!

But, today, the official Dog Door was put into the wall. The ranch dogs fit, the pigs don't! Now we can keep our door shut and the dogs can use their new door. The office is officially a Pork-Free Zone. We are a bit worried though that we might soon find a Swine Bill of Rights tacked to the door, like something out of Animal Farm, as the Pigs demand their rights...

We had hay delivered today...

The view from the feed room- Charlie and Tequila with Ethel and Fiesta behind.

Tequila and Margarita...

Tony's dog, Jack, came out to the ranch today. Salsa checked him out and Jack did not realize that he was in the danger zone at that moment. Luckily, Salsa held back (for now)...

My old horse Serenity. Renny was my first horse that I got at age 14. Renny is now 30 years old and is retired at Shiloh where she has a barn stall and wanders freely during the day. Here she is by the feed room.

Donkey Otie, he has really filled out and settled into his life at Shiloh.

Daria worked with Journey and Inspirada today. Here she is riding Journey. We are in the process of making videos of all of the adoptable horses, like Journey, to help them find homes.

Daria and Inspirada.

Sidewinder has settled in and is happy in his new life. We are going to start his adoption evaluation in the next few weeks. He should make someone a very nice pleasure riding horse, he loves people and attention.

Robin worked with Crusoe who is doing very well. He is picking up his feet and standing for grooming and washing. We are working on his adoption video as well.

Chia Pet shows her feelings...

Watch out Micheal Vick!

Tonya cleaned and dressed a minor wound on Gummie Pen member, Vista.

Sanctuary Horse, Marilyn, in the Okay Corral Pasture.


Cleveland, also in the Okay Corral.