Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Odds and Ends...

Don't miss the HUGE strides our Mustang, Iceman, is making lately! Eric and Dave have done incredible things with this horse and it is very exciting to watch. Check out his blog!

Monty is doing better and will be returning home to Shiloh today. We are so happy he got over his bout with colic...

Fostered horse, Ketchum is returning to Shiloh today as well. He was well loved and cared for in his foster home and was a wonderful teacher for the young riders. He helped to build up their confidence and they are now ready to move on to another horse. We are looking forward to welcoming Ketchum back.

Well, we had a HUGE blowout yesterday on the Shiloh truck. We shredded the tire all over the road to Sandy Valley. We are getting all new tires on the truck today.

The tire.

Look who is back out at the ranch! Derby! He is walking great and is so excited to be back in the action.

Some of the Bungalow (Apache, Sunday and Lucero) horses sharing some food.

We have a new ranch dog. This is Sierra, a young lab mix. She is very sweet and belonged to our Farrier who could no longer care for her. Welcome Sierra!

Boone had a bit of a make over, he stood quietly for his mane to be pulled. He is such a good boy...

Monday, September 28, 2009

A really Cute Video!

Watch this wonderful Dressage test with a Pony and a Shire! The pony reminds me of Charlie...

Monty Update

Monty is doing better, he is passing some manure but no oil yet (as of early this morning). So far, all looks good! Hopefully he will be back at Shiloh by Weds.

Yay Monty!

Sunday, September 27, 2009


Sabine just spoke to the vet. Monty was oiled again and appears to be feeling better. He is even drinking some water.

Good News Sabine, David and Monty! Keep up the good work, Monty!


Let's all keep Sabine and adopted horse, Monty (Shiloh name Steal) in our thoughts. Monty is in the vet clinic with what looks like a small intestine impaction. He is being treated with IV Fluids.

We are thinking about you guys!

New Music Video

Another Music Video from Rescue Horse Productions- enjoy!

Upcoming Clinic at Shiloh! Join us!

Please join us on November 1, 2009 at Shiloh as we welcome Extreme Mustang Makeover participant, Joe Weitekamp, for a special clinic.

A perfect opportunity for those who have horses who need some help. Joe will be teaching his techniques of handling and gaining the respect of a difficult horse on the ground and building a stronger relationship with your horse.

Please click here to find out more and to sign up! Auditors welcome as well!


Congratulations to Shiloh adopter, supporter and volunteer, Sharil, who has been nominated for the MGM's 2009 Volunteer of the Year award! Sharil was nominated for her volunteer work at the rescue.

Good Luck, Sharil!

Saturday and our New Arrivals

Saturday was a busy day. Sadly, as I posted earlier, we lost Sanctuary Horse, Jericho. He was a true Shiloh Favorite and had quite a life story and Shiloh Journey...

We welcomed back adopted horse, Nike, from her adoptive home. Nike was adopted one year ago and it seems her behavioral problem (which was minor at the time of her rescue) has escalated. We will be re-evaluating her to find out more. Although she is in good shape weight wise, we are not happy with the care that her hooves have been given. She arrived back at Shiloh with one shoe on an overgrown hoof, her other front hoof is all chipped up and much shorter. She also has a huge scar going across her bulb of her heel, radiating down into her hoof wall. It will take us some time, and money, to get her hooves back into shape. Nevertheless, we are happy to have her back at the rescue, she is a beautiful mare who deserves a loving home.

Happy to be back, Nike eats some hay in the Mare Motel.

We also welcomed three new arrivals to Shiloh. Our local NV Brand Inspector, who has been a great friend to us, was having a hard time caring for his three horses due to his health problems. The three horses were well loved and cared for and it was very difficult for their owners to let them go. We are happy we could help them and the horses. The couple lives only miles from Shiloh so they will be able to come to visit the horses often, which is great for everyone involved.

Dusty is a 27 year old Appaloosa mare who is losing her sight.

This is Twerp, a 22 year old Arabian gelding who may be able to eventually find another home.

Zazz is a 27 year old Arabian mare who competed in endurance riding earlier in her life.
Daria rode Sidewinder for the first time. Although he was a bit tense at first, he had excellent manners. He is just a bit rusty, but we will take it slow with him and he should be able to eventually find a new home. He is sound and very personable. Sidewinder is the most talkative horse at Shiloh and a fun horse to work with.

Baby Spice was moved into the Bungalows where she can hang out with the other young horses at Shiloh like Will, Crusoe and Lucero. The dust was flying as everyone got to know each other and kick up their heels a bit. We like to house all of the babies together with some older babysitters mixed in, it's important for babies to be with other horses and learn from them. There is nothing worse than a baby being corralled without access to other horses. (We keep this short cotton lead hanging off of Spice's leather halter to make it easier for us to catch her and handle her. As she is worked with more, we will remove both the halter and the lead. We use a leather halter because it will break if she were to get tangled up on something.)

Saturday, September 26, 2009


Very sad news from Shiloh as Sanctuary Horse, Jericho, was euthanized in the vet clinic this afternoon. (The photo above was taken a few weeks ago in his pasture.)

Last weekend, he was brought out of the Area 51 pasture. He was on three legs. There was no sign of an external injury, just a slight swelling above his one front knee. We are not sure what happened, possibly he was kicked by one of his herdmates. After moving him into a barn stall and giving him pain medicine, we were able to examine his leg. All his symptoms pointed at an extensor tendon injury. After speaking to the vet, we treated him like he had that injury. But, in the back of our minds, we knew there was a slight chance it could be a hairline fracture of the bone above his knee (rare, but possible). He had a good appetite and responded well to the pain meds we were giving him twice a day. He was able to lift and bend his leg. But, as the days went on, we became more worried about a possible fracture. Then today, we knew it was. The hairline fracture had begun to spiral down. We loaded him into the trailer and brought him into the clinic where it was confirmed. Sadly, he had to be humanly euthanized. There just isn't a treatment for a hairline fracture like he had, if it is a fracture, it's just a matter of time before the horse's weight makes the fracture spiral.

Jericho had been rescued by Animal Control in Logandale, NV where he was starving to death in a backyard. He was rescued along with Tecate, who was a stallion at the time. Both horses were actually wired into their corrals. Even to this day, we have never seen a horse more emaciated than Jericho was (see the photo below that was taken on his first day at Shiloh). It is a miracle that he survived and flourished. Jericho's last two years were full of love and comfort at Shiloh. He lived his days out in the quiet and peaceful Area 51 pasture. He was a loved member of the Shiloh Family and we will all miss him.

Friday, September 25, 2009


Free Kittens!

We have two of the three kittens left, we think one of the grays will be going to a new home tomorrow. We still have a blue/gray female and a black female who are looking for homes! Both are super sweet, super cute, healthy, love people and get along with dogs. These little girls were born at Shiloh under our office. If you are interested PLEASE email Sally at or call her at 702-249-8987.

All was quiet today at the rescue. Everyone was lounging around, enjoying the warm sun. All the chores were done, horses were turned out, etc.

Saturday will be a busy day- we have three new arrivals coming in. Our local NV Brand Inspector just can't care for his three beloved horses any longer due to health problems, so all three are moving to Shiloh in the morning. I will have photos of the new guys tomorrow. All three are elderly, so they will most likely remain at Shiloh in our Sanctuary.

Some of the vet testing horses will be returning from last week's test and Bonanza and Mercali will be getting picked up for a dental clinic at the school.

Sabine is teaching a Basic Horsemanship Class.

So lots to do!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

More photos from today...

This photo was taken by Sharil from right where Pepperoni was lying. Ranch dog, Koby was lying near her. Look at the way the light is coming in...
The Home Schoolers on their tour.

Daisy greets them on the Cherry Pie's grass. What a cute photo!

Returning Sage to her pen...

Pepperoni and some visitors

Sad news at Shiloh, as Pepperoni (pictured here a few weeks ago with pal, Susie Q), our elderly and ailing pony, passed away this morning. We have been watching her very closely and have had our vet involved for the last few months as we knew her time was limited. She was not in pain, but just getting more and more decrepit. Yesterday we spoke about her and Sally and I both hoped that she would pass naturally in her Gummie Pen surrounded by her herdmates. That is just what she did, her body was shutting down this morning, we sedated her to help her stay quiet and she passed on as we comforted her. We hate to say good bye to any Shiloh Horse, but we know we did everything we could to give her a wonderful quality of life. Pepperoni will be missed. She is buried at Shiloh not far from the Gummie Pen.

I never take a photo of a horse who has passed on, but I had to show you all how much Pepperoni's best friend, Susie Q, will miss her. They were inseparable and Susie Q was close by as Pepperoni left us. Here she was nickering and nuzzling her body. Pepperoni is covered with our Shiloh Horse Rescue blanket as all our horses are when they pass.

On to less sad news from today. Life goes on and we have lots of horses to love and care for.

Jericho is spending time in a barn stall with an injured Extensor Tendon in one front leg. He must have been messing around in his pasture and hurt himself...

Stardust, an older TB mare, out in the Okay Corral pasture. She always hangs out in the tree areas.

From the trees, looking out toward the front of the Okay Corral. I love it back here, if I were a horse, I would spend all my time here!

Valentine eats her hay in Okay Corral.

So do Moses and Godspeed.

Kite wandering in the pasture.

Kerkorian and Champ.

We had a group of Home School kids out to the rescue today. They were given a tour, they handed out carrots and then brushed some horses. Here Sy and Little Dude look for treats in Little Vacation Village.

Laramie got a nice big carrot (actually, he got quite a few)...

GG, one of the blind girls, used her other senses to home in on the carrots!

Eagle got some too.

Sharil helps some of the kids brush Sage under City Center.

Tanya helps Little Dude get some grooming.

Even the dogs got in on the act.

Heavenly being lead back to the Gummies after her turn being groomed.

Priceless and his groomers heading back to Little Vacation Village.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Back at Shiloh...

It's so nice to be home, but we had a wonderful time in San Diego. All was well with the animals while we were gone but we missed everyone.

Great news as we SOLD OUT of the beaded horse shoes at the Hotel Del events! We sold 45 horse shoes, every single one was picked up! So the Shiloh Horses earned a whopping $1020.00 which translates to one big red shelter! They gave up their shoes and earned it! We will be adding the money to our $3,000 shelter grant that we are receiving from the EQUUS Foundation. This will enable us to buy four big red shelters, enough for The Duplexes, Little Vacation Village and the Visually Challenged pen. Now we have to furiously bead more shoes as we will be selling them in Sedona, AZ in two weeks time...

A beautiful day at the rescue today, the weather was just perfect.

Today we are saying good bye to boarded adopted horses Blue Moon and Twinkle. They are heading to their new home in North Carolina with Nancy and Carol. Their new green pasture actually has a stream running through it! Not bad for two little feedlot babies who were born at a rescue. We also are saying good bye to Chico, who is going to live with Shiloh's friend, Jo Deibel in PA. He will also enjoy green grass and be spoiled for the rest of his life. Thanks Jo! All three horses are being picked up tonight.

Sidewinder was worked a bit in the round pen. He is sound and willing and will begin his adoption evaluation next week.

Sheriff, Ethel and Taco with Fiesta in the back ground.

The new guys, Spice, Harmony, Bonanza and Boone had some fun in the turn out.

We are worried about old Mendoza. He is just really losing weight. He has very few teeth left to chew with, his whole jowl is actually atrophied and sunken in from the lack of teeth. The vet gave him a steroid injection last week to try to boost his appetite. He eats a mush of senior feed, alfalfa pellets, etc, but it basically just falls right out of his mouth now. We have moved him into the barn so we can really keep a close eye on him. Otherwise, he is still interested in his life and friends...

Adopted Horse UPDATE

A wonderful update of Tommy Haflinger!

"I wanted to share with all of Shiloh that Tommy Haflinger went to his first 3-day event and it was a very successful show to start his career as a 3-day horse/pony. He placed 8th out of a huge division. I attached some pics of him at the show. We are so proud of him, he is such a good and honest pony who tries so hard for us, we are blessed to have him.
Cortney & Aubrie Pache"

Tommy in his braids.

Rounding a corner in his Dressage test.

Aubrie and Tommy over a jump.

Congratulations Aubrie and Tommy Haflinger!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Traveler goes to the Beach

I just got home from our weekend in Coronado. I was kept so busy that Jill never gave me a chance to Blog! Tony and I worked very hard, meeting fans and signing autographs and books. But, as I always say, "there is no rest for the wicked"...

My view from my room's balcony. This hotel is so cool!

I spent Saturday on the beach.

I snuggled with Jill's sister, Sarah.

Then with Jill's brother, Clint.

Then, Sally buried me in the sand. But, not after she kicked sand in my eye. I guess every beach has a bully...

So, I built a sand castle to keep her away from me.
That point of land is called Point Loma. Point Loma is sometimes called "where California began" as it the site of the first European landing in California. On September 28, 1542 the Portuguese navigator, Juan Rodrigo Cabrillo docked his ship on the point. I wanted to visit the Cabrillo National Monument, but we didn't have time. Did you know Jill has a horse named Cabrillo? She named him after this area.

Later, Sally tried to tempt me into the tidal pools. I am not falling for that! Not tonight, Josephine!

She even tried to make me touch a Sea Anemone. Good try Sally, I am way ahead of you! You touch it.

The Hotel Del plays Tony's movie, Some Like it Hot, 24 hours a day!

Since people expect me to be "in the know" about Tony, I did some reading. This is Tony's new book that comes out on October 7th.

Later that evening, we attended a big event in the Ballroom. We watched Tony's clips and then Jill and Tony went on stage where Tony gave us all some behind the scenes stories about making the film and his life in Hollywood.

We had a wonderful time in Coronado!

Now, I am off to get some well deserved rest. We are heading to Sedona, AZ in two weeks.