Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Tuesday was Vet Day

Tuesday was Vet Day, Dr. Schur was out all day working on the Shiloh Horses and some of the Boarders.

Sadly, we made the difficult decision to put little Flower to sleep. Her pain had gotten to the point that we could not manage it any longer and her quality of life had diminished. She was quietly put down in her barn stall next to her friend, Daisy. Flower was with us for a few years and was a Shiloh favorite, even though she was grouchy! Flower is buried next to Chief out where the Wanderers roam. Rest in peace, little Flower.

We had some of our other very senior and special needs horses re-checked. Their teeth were checked and some were given steroid shots to boost them a little bit. We had blood drawn on Pepperoni. She is just going downhill and we think she must have a growth or something somewhere. We will make a decision based on what we find out from her blood work.
Roy was checked over. His Jugular area is still inflamed and swollen.Roy's hot packing neck contraption...

Shadow in the stock...

Dr. Schur cut off more cancer from his sheath. It is looking good now, this just has to be done on a regular basis to keep the cancer from spreading. It looks gross, but he was sedated at the time and will make a full recovery.

We had to have Kite laid out for a hoof trim. She just gets too stressed out and becomes dangerous to handle. So, Dr. Schur gave a her a major sedative, she laid down and went to sleep...
And then we worked on her. She had her hooves trimmed, her eyes were treated, she was wormed and vaccinated, a fly mask was put on her and she was groomed. As soon as she woke up, she hopped up wondering what had just happened! It's a little bit like Wild Kingdom when they sedate a tiger or bear! Kite was back out in her pasture today looking good.

Levi's crippled leg needed some work. His stifle was locking up, so one of his ligaments in his knee (the stifle area) was cut. It loosened the locked stifle and he was back to bending it and should make a full recovery and be much more comfortable. Dr. Schur laid him down under City Center to cut the ligament... He was feeling good today and wanted to go back to Assisted Living and his girlfriends. But he will stay in the Mare Motel a few more days while he is being watched and treated with pain meds and antibiotics.

TC had a strange swelling on his face which we wanted to have checked. It looked like a allergic reaction to something and he responded well to meds.

Clovis came over for the day from his foster home to have his skin cancer checked and treated. Dr. Schur froze it off and Clovis returned to his foster home that evening. He is looking great and his foster home loves him.

We had Eagle checked over. His crippled foot has gotten worse, but we all feel he still maintains a good quality of life. We give him pain meds as needed and are keeping a close eye on him.

Daisy was given another Legend shot, which made her very angry! But, they really make a big difference for her so we will be giving her one every month.

Even Sarge, the arthritic ranch dog, was given a Legend shot!


the 4 D's said...

looks like a very busy day and all went well for all the shiloh pets .We were all sad about flower and will miss her but she will be with Chief and Fred running free.

Elaine said...

Wow, you guys got alot done. Thanks for all your caring attention to the horses at the rescue and good bye to little flower.

Found art blog said...

Sorry to hear about Flower. And I can quite understand Daisy's reaction to shots..... I don't like those either.