Wednesday, May 28, 2008


A beautiful day at the ranch. It was quiet and peaceful with some of our regular volunteers pitching in. Godspeed, Shaggy, Moses and many other residents of Little and Big Vacation Village were groomed. Fly masks were repaired and put back on, wounds were cleaned, and everyone was checked over.

We were able to move Pongo out of the Bungalow area, where he was recovering from hoof abcesses. He is doing much better, so we decided he needed to be back in with some friends. He has lost some weight over the last few weeks, so we put him into Assited Living where he will get Equine Senior twice a day, plus all the hay he can eat. He seemed happy and interested in his new surroundings and friends.

Wanderer Sitka has been slowing down over the last few months, her crippled foot is bothering her a bit more now. We are keeping her comfortable with pain meds and watching her closely. She still gets around, and likes to lay in the deep warm sand in the Wanderer area. Once she is down, she is a bit sore getting up. But, she is still eating and drinking normally and still interested in her friends and the goings on at the ranch. Her close friends, Eagle and Baja, follow her all over and also keep an eye on her (see video below). Shiloh has many Wanderers- horses who have chronic Founder, crippled legs, old broken legs, arthritic knees- who feel have a better quality of life wandering freely on the 40 acres. Visitors are familiar with all the wandering animals!

Here is adopted Shiloh Horse, Fortune, and her "protector/guardian" Philadelphia getting a drink in Big Vacation Village. These two have become very close, it's cute to watch!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008


We had a new volunteer/visitor today who donated $600.00 to Shiloh so that we can buy a sling! We have been planning on doing a fundraiser/fund to help us get the needed funds to buy one- we have many crippled horses who need this support for hoof trimming. In the past, we have had to have the vet lay out horses like Sitka and Fremont so their hooves can be worked on, but that comes with risk, especially for our older guys. Many of our crippled Sanctuary horses just cannot stand on three legs. This sling will enable these type of horses to distribute their weight, making them more comfortable. This is a wonderful item for the horses and will make things much easier for everyone. Huge thanks to Catherine who generously donated the amount needed to buy one!

A quick view of part of the rescue showing Fear Factor Pen, The Duplexes, Geezer Pen, the Hospice, and the Mare Motel.

Look at Moses- he is so fat now! We actually moved him for Assited Living out into Big Vacation Village today, he was eating too much Equine Senior! :o) He is such a sweet old guy.

Here is Salsa, back into trouble. He got into my grooming box, spilled everything out, took the shedding blade, and got the Showsheen hooked on his bandana... Have Showsheen will travel.

Monday, May 26, 2008

The Memorial Day Weekend

A busy long weekend at the rescue. We had lots of new visitors and new volunteers helping out and learning the ropes.

We hope everyone had a safe and fun Memorial Day Holiday Weekend. Shiloh supports our troops and sends our prayers to those who have died fighting for our Country and our Freedoms.

As is normal for a weekend, we had lots of people coming to see the horses who are looking for new homes. Jet was very happily adopted by Shiloh Volunteer, Robin. A super match for this nice gelding. More good news as Nike finds her new loving home with Deanna. Both horses will be boarded at Shiloh Ranch.

Here are some photos and videos from the weekend. Enjoy!

Sally's horse, Cloud poses in The Big Pasture- look at Yukon trying to get in the picture!

Adopted Shiloh Horses, Numerous and Rookie, share their hay with Music in the Big Pasture.

Fremont and Image out in Big Vacation Village.

Volunteers working on shedding out Pleistocene Shaggy.

Deanna and Pecos enjoy a moment in the Area 51 Pasture.

The kittens in the Feedroom...

Shaggy in the Cherry Pie area. We let him wander freely...

Shiloh Boarder, Eric and his Mustang, Gus.

Look at the swooping bird in the pasture- let's hope he isn't eating the Fly Predators!
Carrot time! Margarita, Fortitude, Will, and Inspirada gather for their treats while The Sheriff (Mule) fights with Spur, the ranch dog.

Check out some of the pasture horses in the Mesquite trees.

More horses in the trees! They were having a party in there!

Tulsa, Bucky, and Blessing have some breakfast in Big Vacation Village.

Shaggy now has his own Barn stall for added comfort...

Friday, May 23, 2008

What Weird Weather!

The weather was crazy today at the rescue. Cold and windy, then warmer, then cold again, and thunderstorms and rain. Of course, we want the rain, it will clean all of the dust off of everything from the winds we have been having. Funny how just a few days ago, it was 108 degrees at Shiloh and we were burning up. Today we had multiple layers on, coats, and our hands were like ice. Listen to the wind on the video below.

All the horses were feeling frisky, bucking and playing around when the wind kicked up. But, it was hard to get much done. We settled for doing the usual, filling water buckets, feeding, keeping an eye on wounds, checking everyone over. Elisa had to eventually give up riding, the wind was just too strong.

Apache had escaped from the Bungalows and it's attached turn out. She was galloping all over kicking up her heels in the wind and making all the other Bungalow horses crazy. Finally, we were able to usher her back in. The horses all had a great time with that, especially Will and Godspeed, who became the ringleaders of a new escape attempt...

I tried to get some good pics of the new guys, but it just wasn't a good day for photos. I did film this quick video of Pepperoni and Shaggy in their corral. They are in what we call "The Chicken Pen", one of our Isolation areas. They have settled in and become good friends. Both are beginning to eat Equine Senior, poor Shaggy has very few teeth left and will have to mainly eat ES and just chew hay for fun. Hopefully, with some good food and proper care, he can gain some weight. He's a sprightly little guy and extremely gentle and kind. Look at the poor guy's wormy belly. We have to take the worming slow with him and will be using a Power Pack to get him started.

Hopefully, the weather will settle down for the holiday weekend. I'm sure we will have lots of visitors and volunteers out at the rescue!

Thursday, May 22, 2008


We just got home from picking up the 4 remaining auction horses- Slewus, Larceny, Six, and Charmin. All got right in the trailer and rode quietly. Except for Slewus, who although he was quiet, has this funny habit of rocking the trailer back and forth when you stop. Nothing frantic, just a steady rocking. Slewus was probably the most stressed of the four, when we finally got to the ranch, he had somehow unclipped his lead rope and had his head underneath Larceny's head in Larceny's manger. He wouldn't take his head away, even when I tried to move it over to his side. It was sad, it was like he had just about had it and needed his friend to comfort him...

All unloaded and settled into their Isolation corrals. Finally all 8 are safe and sound.

I will get some pics and videos tomorrow. Thanks to everyone for their concern and interest in all the horses, including these new guys, we appreciate it more than you know.

Have a great night.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Second Weds Post :o)

Another Shiloh Horse update. Here is Landmark (the big gray), an OTTB saved from New Holland, lounging in the sun with his friends. Landmark was also bought directly from the Kill Buyer, Nickerson. What a life he has now thanks to his owner, Candi!

I also wanted to thank everyone for their support after Shiloh was robbed. Many people donated to help offset the cost of the last auction rescue- but Good News- our insurance company is sending us a check to cover the robbed items, including the auction cash! It does pay to have good insurance!

A Windy Weds!

The wind was incredible out at the ranch today. Geoff, the shoer, could only work on Pongo's abscessed feet. It was just too windy to do anyone else. Jill and Sally are heading to CA tomorrow morning to pick up Charmin, Slewus, Larceny, and Six from the auction yard.

I thought I would post some more former Shiloh Horse updates. Adopters- please email me pics of your Shiloh Horse. (I lost some in my stolen laptop!)

Skittle, the mini who was rescued from the New Holland Sale in PA, and her new owner! A perfect match, in size as well as cuteness!

Buck, now named Oscar, an Off the track Thoroughbred, who was also rescued from the New Holland Sale. Buck was bought by Shiloh directly from the Killer. Look at him now! He is in training with his new owner to become a Search and Rescue Horse in CA.

Shiloh Horse, Borrego (from Animal Control) and Eric's Mustang, Gus, in one of the turnouts

Shiloh Horse, Junior, who now lives in Washington State- lucky horse, look at that green grass!

I couldn't resist sharing this picture of Margarita taken by Eric. She was laying in the shade in the Boarder Area.
This is the best! Eric captures the funniest photos!

Below are some more pics taken by Sharil who also takes great photos.

Kitten in the feedroom.
Ranch dog, Sarge, napping in the shade of the statue.

The pig, Oscar Meyer, in the trash.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

A super hot day at the ranch! There was some wind, so that helped...

Check out Shiloh's new MySpace page! Huge thanks to Shiloh Boarder and Supporter, Eric and his Mustang, Gus, for setting this up for us!

We did not end up going to CA to pick up the remaining auction horses, we postponed our trip until Thursday. Instead, we had a group of kids come out for a ranch visit. The kids washed some of the Sanctuary horses, which I think both the kids and the horses enjoyed in the heat.

Godspeed update! Here is Godspeed upon his arrival on 2/22/08. Totally emaciated after being locked in a horse trailer without food or water along with Godwilling, the mare who passed away of starvation only two days after arriving at Shiloh.

But look at him now in this video from today, only three months later!

The pigs, Sonny, Cher, and Oscar Meyer wallow in the mud to stay cool! Looks like fun!

Monday, May 19, 2008


If we have out tattoo numbers correct, it looks like the OTTB, we have named Slewus (JC reg name Abbi's Choice), earned $379,181.00. After all that, he ended up at Mike's crummy auction in CA, where he was saved for a measly $240.00.

Very sad. But, we are the lucky ones, we get to bring this gelding to Shiloh and help him find a new life.

The New Auction Horses

I am trying to get my photos off of my camara from the auction, but my old computer is not cooperating! The software is on my stolen laptop, but I will keep working on it. I can upload videos though.

We trailered 4 of the 8 horses home yesterday, we have to drive back this week to pick up the remaining 4. We had origianlly planned on only rescuing 4, which fit in the 4 horse stock trailer we use, but of course, once you get to the auction, you see all the horses who need help.

Anyway, here is a list of the new horses from the CA auction from Saturday night:

"Six"- an off the track bay Thoroughbred gelding, supposed to be 5 years old, but we will run his tattoo number when he gets to Shiloh. We named him Six because his auction tag was 006. Saved for $225.00.

"Pleistocene Shaggy"- when you see the picture of this little 30+ year old pony, you will understand his name! We call him "Pleistocene Shaggy, the Cave Pony"-his hair is about 4 inches long! He is the cutest little guy, very thin and bony, big wormy belly, and most likely has Cushing's Disease although Sally was able to shed huge amounts of hair from him before we picked him up. Bought for $25.00

"Steal"- a big grey gelding in his mid-20's. Looks to be sound, very sweet, but was stressed at the auction. May make a great "Husband Horse". Named "Steal" for obvious reasons! Saved for $325.00.

"Slewus"- a very nice tattooed Thoroughbred gelding, extremely sweet and friendly. Appears to be sound and healthy His sire is Slewicide, out of Seattle Slew. Saved for $240.00.

"Larceny"- a very friendly big tattooed Thoroughbred gelding. Named Larceny for obvious reasons. Saved for $325.00.

"Mendoza"- a very gentle big bay gelding with badly infected eyes. He is in his 20's and was named after the Police Officer who took our police report about the theft. We rescued him because his eyes were so sore and swollen that he could hardly see. Saved for $80.00.

"Pepperoni, the Roan Pony"- an older roan pony mare who also had extrememly sore eyes. At first, we thought she was blind, but once we gave her some medication, and got her home to Shiloh, she seemed to be able to see just fine. At the auction, she was extremely depressed and would just stand in the corner ofher pen and would not raise her head. Saved for $175.00.

"Charmin"- a white Welsh pony gelding, very cute with big black eyes. He was very stressed at the auction. Saved for $230.00.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

The Auction

I just wanted to post a quick update from last night's auction.

First of all, Jill's truck was broken into at the auction while we were all inside bidding on the horses. The thiefs stole Jill's purse, with ALL of the donations from Shiloh's Slaughter Fund. A total of $2300.00 cash which we were going to use to pay the auction bill at the end of the night. It is a cash auction. Jill and Sally's laptop computers were also stolen. It was an absolute nightmare. Thankfully, Shiloh volunteer and fellow auction goer, Tonya, was able to use her credit card (thank you to the auction management for understanding about the cash) to pay the auction bill as all of Jill's credit cards were also stolen. THANK YOU TONYA!

As for the horses, Shiloh saved 8 of them for a total of $1800.00.

I will be posting their photos and their stories tomorrow morning. We just got home and we are exhausted, mentally and physically.

Jill, Sally, Elisa, and Tonya went to this auction, Elisa and Tonya were huge helps!

Friday, May 16, 2008


A great day today!

We brought Music back to Shiloh this morning, she is feeling fine and made a full recovery from her colic episode.

Pongo, one of our newer arrivals pictured below, looking cute out in Cuckoo's Nest pasture today. He is slowly gaining weight and is starting to feel like a different horse.

Area 51 Pasture residents, Cherokee and Stardust, have some breakfast. They are best friends...
Volunteers Robin and Audrey cleaned Sweeney Todd's wounds (below). He is so well behaved!

Robin and Audrey then took Inspirada out for some grooming, which she really enjoyed. At the same time, little Wil was running loose, exploring, when he hooked up with Wanderer Charlie. They had a wonderful time playing and racing around! (Obviously, so did the dogs!)

A group from The Pima Vet Tech School came out today to learn from the rescue horses. The future vet techs learn how to take temps and other vital signs as well as learn how to correctly wrap a horse's leg. The rescue horses were on their best behavior for the students. Muffet, the goat, was also on hand to help out... (Clover watches from the foreground.)

We are off to CA tomorrow afternoon for the auction...

Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Little Daisy was in a very feisty mood today! She was looking for trouble and spent her day chasing the dogs at the ranch!

Check out Daisy chasing Jill's dogs, Osito and Caesar! Watch out for Daisy when she is grouchy! Look how she kicks dirt at Caesar with her front hoof!

Our Farrier, Geoff worked on horses today as hardworking volunteers helped with the horses and the daily chores. They cleaned and organized the fly masks and put one on every horse in Little Vacation Village and Assisted Living. It looks like the Fly Predators are working, we have way fewer flies already...

As we did our pasture checks, we noticed Music acting a bit colicy. So, we took her out of her pasture, evaluated her, gave her some Banamine, and decided we would have the vet take a look at her just in case. So, she was loaded into the trailer and brought into Las Vegas. We actually had Dr. Little do a pregnancy check on her, she has gotten pretty big in her belly and has been acting very "mareish" latey, not like herself. At first glance, the vet thought that yes, she could possibly be pregnant. After examining her, she did not think so, but admitted there could still be a chance she is. We rescued Music 6 months ago from the New Holland Sale in PA, so it is possible (gestation is 11 months) that she was bred before being dumped at the auction. Just look at Inspirada and Breezie! We sure hope she isn't but we are going to be keeping a close eye on her. If we still suspect she is, we will bring her in for an utrasound.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Just a quick update on today's events...

It was a quiet day today. Volunteer Tonya checked over everyone and helped us fill the water buckets. She also did wound care on Chico and Sweeney Todd, who are both recovering nicely.

Jill and Sally left early to trailer Pawnee to her new home today in Las Vegas. We are very happy she has found a future with her new owner!

Jill and Sally will be attending an auction this Saturday night in CA to save more horses from slaughter. Although it is ILLEGAL to sell or buy horses for slaughter in CA, the killers have found ways around the law. The "Dealer" buys the horses at the CA auctions, usually storing them on his feedlot for a week or so, and then trailers them out to another state where it is legal to sell horses for slaughter. The horses are then bought by the Killers (usually arranged with the dealer) and are shipped down to El Paso where they cross the border into Juarez, Mexico. Absolutely disgusting. Off the track TBs can be bought at the CA auctions for as little as $100.00, many still wearing their racing plates. We are planning on saving at least 4 horses using Shiloh's Slaughter Fund. One hundred percent of the donations in this Fund go to directly toward paying the auction bill and we always give a full accounting of the prices after the sale. See more information about Shiloh's Slaughter Fund here!

If all goes as planned, the horses will be at Shiloh Sunday evening. Visitors are more than welcome to come on out to see the new horses and volunteers can help us get them cleaned up and used to kind hands.

Monday, May 12, 2008

A Dusty Monday...

It was hot and dusty out at the rescue today. Watch this video of a Dust Devil blowing through the rescue! No one said it was going to be easy (or clean) running, volunteering, or visiting a horse rescue in the desert...

Tripod Francis Kevin Bacon, the Wandering Pig, came by today for a visit. It looks like Salsa and Kevin Bacon have become fast friends! Who knew?

Here is a video of them, this is too cute!

Fortitude was on "babysitter detail" today, he stood guard over a sleeping Will. Inspirada was way off in her Bungalow getting some peace and quiet...

Sunday, May 11, 2008

The Weekend

A gorgeous and warm weekend her in Las Vegas. Happy Mother's Day to everyone!

Great news for Mother's Day as one of Shiloh's mothers, Breezie, was officially adopted this weekend and left for her new home. The family who adopted Breezie will be fostering Breezie's foal, little Whirlwind until she is ready to be weaned at about 6 months of age. In her foster home, Whirly will get extra attention and handling which will be perfect for her. One of Shiloh's sayings is that "Rescue is not always the best home for some horses", this includes most babies. Once the foals are born and are shown to be healthy, active, and it is safe for them to travel with their moms, it's better for them to go to a home of their own. A healthy baby does not need to stay in a rescue it's whole life- they have a bright and full future ahead. Big thanks to the Brashear Family for taking both Breezie and Whirly into their lives!

More good news as gentle Karma, a Thoroughbred mare who was rescued off of the feedlot, was also adopted to a home of her own on Sunday.

We have been adding automatic floats to many of the waterers getting ready for the coming heat. Here is the Big Pasture (see video below) after we put on the first float on one of their water troughs. Every horse had to come over and check it out. Of course, the hose connection was stripped off by the next morning- they just could not leave it alone. Sigh...

Here is Will taking a detour on the way to the turn out. He is such a character!

Here is a quick shot of Will showing off some once he got into the turnout. Notice at the end how calm and quiet little Whirly is compared to Will!

Friday, May 9, 2008


Today was one of those days in rescue. We thought it would be a quiet day where we would get a lot of chores done, but it did not turn out that way...

It started out sadly as sweet old Big Easy was down in Big Vacation Village and just would not get up. We all tried to get him up, but he was tired and his age, and long and active life, had finally caught up with him. He was quietly ready to move on, and we had to let him go. We called the vet, who came out and peacefully put him to sleep in the pasture surrounded by his friends. It was very sad for all of us, but Easy had a long and wonderful life. He was a former Gran Prix dressage horse who had represented the United States at the Pan-Am Games in his younger days. He lived a life of leisure at Shiloh in his final years, it was an honor to have him at Shiloh. Please take a moment to remember this incredible horse here.

As we were working on Easy, Jill ran over her dog, Schwartz's foot with her golf cart! Poor Schwartzie limped around on three legs for a while until he realized that he wasn't getting as much attention as he had hoped for, so he went back to barking at the Wanderers and riding around on the golf cart.

Then, just as the Dr. Little was packing up her truck, Elisa noticed that Sweeney Todd was acting strangely. We had the vet check him as he was showing some signs of a possible colic. His examination was normal, but he was tubed him with oil and water just to make sure (pictured below). He seemed to feel better very quickly but he is being watched closely.

Later, Cheri noticed that Tequila, one of the Burros, had gone out of the gate when our hay was being delivered. Tequila galloped all along the runway next to Shiloh and we could not catch him! We all drove after him down the runway in the golf carts and Gators and it took all of us, and all the dogs, to finally usher him back into the gates. We have never seen old Tequila show so much spirit, he was having a great time making us chase him!

Tequila, far out in the desert...

We had some of our great always hard working volunteers out today helping us. They really made the day easier for all of us and we can't thank them enough.

A few days ago, volunteer Tonya body clipped Image, who suffers from Cushing's Disease. Because of his condition, he cannot regulate his body temperature, so he needs to be shaved throughout the summer. He looks cute and probably feels much better!!

Oscar Meyer eats some donated Bananas and Cucumbers. We always appreciate it when supporters bring produce for the pigs! They LOVE it!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Rescued Horses in their new homes

It is so wonderful to see rescued horses go on to their new homes and lives. It makes the difficult times of rescuing easier, it helps to remind all of us why we do what we do. To see horses who were thrown away, discarded, considered worthless, pulled from Kill Pens and Feedlots- to see them looking so great and happy in their new lives- is one of the best feelings.

Remember- Rescued Horses can do ANYTHING!

Here are some former Shiloh Horses who have moved on:

Below is Landmark, a young Thoroughbred who was rescued from the New Holland Sale in PA last year still wearing his racing plates. Look at him now! Below, look at Angus go! Angus was rescued from the Utah slaughter auction with a huge leg wound. He now carries his young rider to ribbons!

Go Angus!
Below is Outlaw, a young colt who came off of the Fallon, NV feedlot from where he was scheduled to ship to slaughter in Mexico. He was rescued, gelded, and adopted out to a new home and future. Here he is being introduced to his first saddle. What a cute horse he is!

Success with the saddle!

Below is Cajon, now named Lucky, proudly taking his young rider around a jumping course at a recent show. Cajon was rescued from slaughter at the New Holland Sale. What a beautiful gelding!

No one can look at any of these horses and see a difference between them and horses who were not rescued. Rescued horses have to work extra hard to overcome the steroetype of what a rescued horses really is.

Please email Shiloh more photos of your adopted Shiloh horses, we like to let everyone see how they are doing in their new homes and help get the word out about rescued horses! Go Rescue!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008


A beautiful hot day today! Summer is on the way...

We have been working on getting the waters all onto automatic floats. The horses drink soo much during when it's hot, it's an all day job just to keep the waters filled.

Plymouth coliced yesterday afternoon and was brought into Vegas to be treated by the vet. She was tubed with oil and water. She had a small intestine impaction, but it was caught early (thanks to Sabine!) and she responded to the treatment. Plymouth spent the night in town to be watched closely, but she is back at Shiloh today, passing manure and eating. The sudden heat is hard on some of the horses, they just do not drink enough and they put themselves at risk for colic. "You can lead a horse to water- but you can't make them drink." The vets always see a huge increase of colics at this time of year, so we all have to keep our eyes open...

Gracie was adopted to a new home today- yay for Gracie! She is sweet little mare who deserves a home of her own and a bit of a job. Rex left for his new home as well and Pawnee will leave next week.

Jill will be taping a segment of Face to Face with Jon Ralston tomorrow. Jill and the other guests will be discussing the Kentucky Derby and the mare who was put down, as well as the fate of many racehorses who don't make it in the racing world. Should be interesting!

Monday, May 5, 2008


Back to work!

It was just Sally and Jill out at the ranch today, it was very quiet and peaceful. The weather was warm, but a bit muggy and we even felt some rain drops.

Moody and Creek were both adopted today, which is wonderful for these two geldings. Now, they are off to their new futures.

Zoolander became an official Shiloh Horse today, as his Brand Inspection was completed. We are still not sure what his injury is, but it looks like an old hip problem. He has a definite hitch in his gait, but has learned to compensate well.

Hummingbird, the little mare from Animal Control, was moved from Isolation into Big Vacation Village so she can have some friends. The soft deep sand will help her sore feet. She has already made some friends and the geldings are fighting over her (although many of them are as crippled as she is!) There is usually lots of squealing, but not too much movement as everyone is limping around! But, they all have a good time doing their horse thing.

Sweeny Todd was moved into the Stallion Stall in the barn (Cabo's old stall). It's the most secure and private stall where he can't have too much interaction with any of the Wanderers. He will be gelded soon, this month hopefully, but he is still recovering from his wounds that he got from trying to jump out of his corral and fight! He is pretty stiff and sore still, so his "stallioness" is a bit diminished, which is good.

We moved Hickory out of the Geezer Pen where he was living with Mercali. Hickory was just getting too beat up- although we NEVER saw anything happening! When we would watch, the two of them would be the best of friends, eating together, etc. They must go crazy during the night or something! Anyway, Hickory is out and has to heal some battle wounds. It can be hard to find just the right corral mates for some horses.

I spoke to the Dr. Schur today who cared for Acadia last week in the clinic. She had performed a Necropsy on her and found a tumor which had completely strangulated Acadia's small intestine. There was nothing that could have been done for her. At least now we know why she coliced so badly, so suddenly. That doesn't make us feel any better though...

Sunday, May 4, 2008


We just got back from our trip, but things are as busy as ever at the rescue!

A meeting of "great minds"- Traveler meets Salsa...

Phi Theta Kappa Sorority came out on Saturday for a ranch visit and a horse wash. Everyone enjoyed themselves, especially the horses. Check out some photos from the day!

Here is the first video of Breezie's little filly who we have named "Whirlwind". She is healthy and active. Breezie is a very protective mom, so poor Will has not been able to get close enough to Whirly to play with her yet!

Some sad news to report as sweet Acadia, a Sanctuary horse, had to be euthanised last week. She coliced very suddenly and badly and was rushed into the vet clinic. It's always so sad to lose a friend. Please visit her page here.

We had a new arrival came to Shiloh last week, this gelding (above) was found wandering in Sandy Valley. He is suffering from an injury tpo his stifle or hip area, but is sweet and friendly. He has been named Zoolander after his brand which reads "ZOO". Visit his page here.

A quick update on Godspeed (above) who is continuing to gain his weight and spirit back. He must have gained 150-200 pounds by now!