Friday, May 9, 2008


Today was one of those days in rescue. We thought it would be a quiet day where we would get a lot of chores done, but it did not turn out that way...

It started out sadly as sweet old Big Easy was down in Big Vacation Village and just would not get up. We all tried to get him up, but he was tired and his age, and long and active life, had finally caught up with him. He was quietly ready to move on, and we had to let him go. We called the vet, who came out and peacefully put him to sleep in the pasture surrounded by his friends. It was very sad for all of us, but Easy had a long and wonderful life. He was a former Gran Prix dressage horse who had represented the United States at the Pan-Am Games in his younger days. He lived a life of leisure at Shiloh in his final years, it was an honor to have him at Shiloh. Please take a moment to remember this incredible horse here.

As we were working on Easy, Jill ran over her dog, Schwartz's foot with her golf cart! Poor Schwartzie limped around on three legs for a while until he realized that he wasn't getting as much attention as he had hoped for, so he went back to barking at the Wanderers and riding around on the golf cart.

Then, just as the Dr. Little was packing up her truck, Elisa noticed that Sweeney Todd was acting strangely. We had the vet check him as he was showing some signs of a possible colic. His examination was normal, but he was tubed him with oil and water just to make sure (pictured below). He seemed to feel better very quickly but he is being watched closely.

Later, Cheri noticed that Tequila, one of the Burros, had gone out of the gate when our hay was being delivered. Tequila galloped all along the runway next to Shiloh and we could not catch him! We all drove after him down the runway in the golf carts and Gators and it took all of us, and all the dogs, to finally usher him back into the gates. We have never seen old Tequila show so much spirit, he was having a great time making us chase him!

Tequila, far out in the desert...

We had some of our great always hard working volunteers out today helping us. They really made the day easier for all of us and we can't thank them enough.

A few days ago, volunteer Tonya body clipped Image, who suffers from Cushing's Disease. Because of his condition, he cannot regulate his body temperature, so he needs to be shaved throughout the summer. He looks cute and probably feels much better!!

Oscar Meyer eats some donated Bananas and Cucumbers. We always appreciate it when supporters bring produce for the pigs! They LOVE it!


Andrea said...

You obviusly played "The Great Escape" at last weeks Drive Thru'....!!!

Sorry to hear about Easy...... but glad he found you guys before he went.

Mikey said...

Tequila needs to meet my Jack. He is always watching for an opening and then running all over the neighborhood. My neighbors find this hilarious of course. Lots of "chasing my ass" jokes around here.