Monday, May 26, 2008

The Memorial Day Weekend

A busy long weekend at the rescue. We had lots of new visitors and new volunteers helping out and learning the ropes.

We hope everyone had a safe and fun Memorial Day Holiday Weekend. Shiloh supports our troops and sends our prayers to those who have died fighting for our Country and our Freedoms.

As is normal for a weekend, we had lots of people coming to see the horses who are looking for new homes. Jet was very happily adopted by Shiloh Volunteer, Robin. A super match for this nice gelding. More good news as Nike finds her new loving home with Deanna. Both horses will be boarded at Shiloh Ranch.

Here are some photos and videos from the weekend. Enjoy!

Sally's horse, Cloud poses in The Big Pasture- look at Yukon trying to get in the picture!

Adopted Shiloh Horses, Numerous and Rookie, share their hay with Music in the Big Pasture.

Fremont and Image out in Big Vacation Village.

Volunteers working on shedding out Pleistocene Shaggy.

Deanna and Pecos enjoy a moment in the Area 51 Pasture.

The kittens in the Feedroom...

Shaggy in the Cherry Pie area. We let him wander freely...

Shiloh Boarder, Eric and his Mustang, Gus.

Look at the swooping bird in the pasture- let's hope he isn't eating the Fly Predators!
Carrot time! Margarita, Fortitude, Will, and Inspirada gather for their treats while The Sheriff (Mule) fights with Spur, the ranch dog.

Check out some of the pasture horses in the Mesquite trees.

More horses in the trees! They were having a party in there!

Tulsa, Bucky, and Blessing have some breakfast in Big Vacation Village.

Shaggy now has his own Barn stall for added comfort...

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Andrea said...

That Cloud and Yukon photo is just screaming for a "Thought Bubble Caption Contest"!!!