Tuesday, May 20, 2008

A super hot day at the ranch! There was some wind, so that helped...

Check out Shiloh's new MySpace page! Huge thanks to Shiloh Boarder and Supporter, Eric and his Mustang, Gus, for setting this up for us!

We did not end up going to CA to pick up the remaining auction horses, we postponed our trip until Thursday. Instead, we had a group of kids come out for a ranch visit. The kids washed some of the Sanctuary horses, which I think both the kids and the horses enjoyed in the heat.

Godspeed update! Here is Godspeed upon his arrival on 2/22/08. Totally emaciated after being locked in a horse trailer without food or water along with Godwilling, the mare who passed away of starvation only two days after arriving at Shiloh.

But look at him now in this video from today, only three months later!

The pigs, Sonny, Cher, and Oscar Meyer wallow in the mud to stay cool! Looks like fun!

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