Monday, May 19, 2008

The New Auction Horses

I am trying to get my photos off of my camara from the auction, but my old computer is not cooperating! The software is on my stolen laptop, but I will keep working on it. I can upload videos though.

We trailered 4 of the 8 horses home yesterday, we have to drive back this week to pick up the remaining 4. We had origianlly planned on only rescuing 4, which fit in the 4 horse stock trailer we use, but of course, once you get to the auction, you see all the horses who need help.

Anyway, here is a list of the new horses from the CA auction from Saturday night:

"Six"- an off the track bay Thoroughbred gelding, supposed to be 5 years old, but we will run his tattoo number when he gets to Shiloh. We named him Six because his auction tag was 006. Saved for $225.00.

"Pleistocene Shaggy"- when you see the picture of this little 30+ year old pony, you will understand his name! We call him "Pleistocene Shaggy, the Cave Pony"-his hair is about 4 inches long! He is the cutest little guy, very thin and bony, big wormy belly, and most likely has Cushing's Disease although Sally was able to shed huge amounts of hair from him before we picked him up. Bought for $25.00

"Steal"- a big grey gelding in his mid-20's. Looks to be sound, very sweet, but was stressed at the auction. May make a great "Husband Horse". Named "Steal" for obvious reasons! Saved for $325.00.

"Slewus"- a very nice tattooed Thoroughbred gelding, extremely sweet and friendly. Appears to be sound and healthy His sire is Slewicide, out of Seattle Slew. Saved for $240.00.

"Larceny"- a very friendly big tattooed Thoroughbred gelding. Named Larceny for obvious reasons. Saved for $325.00.

"Mendoza"- a very gentle big bay gelding with badly infected eyes. He is in his 20's and was named after the Police Officer who took our police report about the theft. We rescued him because his eyes were so sore and swollen that he could hardly see. Saved for $80.00.

"Pepperoni, the Roan Pony"- an older roan pony mare who also had extrememly sore eyes. At first, we thought she was blind, but once we gave her some medication, and got her home to Shiloh, she seemed to be able to see just fine. At the auction, she was extremely depressed and would just stand in the corner ofher pen and would not raise her head. Saved for $175.00.

"Charmin"- a white Welsh pony gelding, very cute with big black eyes. He was very stressed at the auction. Saved for $230.00.

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Mikey said...

oh gosh. They are soooo .... beautiful and yet pathetic. Shaggy kills me. What a lover. Poor poor thing.
Love the OTTB's, looks like some nice rehabs could happen there.
Good job, very sorry you were robbed! That is incredible. Yet you persevere. The horses thank you.