Sunday, May 11, 2008

The Weekend

A gorgeous and warm weekend her in Las Vegas. Happy Mother's Day to everyone!

Great news for Mother's Day as one of Shiloh's mothers, Breezie, was officially adopted this weekend and left for her new home. The family who adopted Breezie will be fostering Breezie's foal, little Whirlwind until she is ready to be weaned at about 6 months of age. In her foster home, Whirly will get extra attention and handling which will be perfect for her. One of Shiloh's sayings is that "Rescue is not always the best home for some horses", this includes most babies. Once the foals are born and are shown to be healthy, active, and it is safe for them to travel with their moms, it's better for them to go to a home of their own. A healthy baby does not need to stay in a rescue it's whole life- they have a bright and full future ahead. Big thanks to the Brashear Family for taking both Breezie and Whirly into their lives!

More good news as gentle Karma, a Thoroughbred mare who was rescued off of the feedlot, was also adopted to a home of her own on Sunday.

We have been adding automatic floats to many of the waterers getting ready for the coming heat. Here is the Big Pasture (see video below) after we put on the first float on one of their water troughs. Every horse had to come over and check it out. Of course, the hose connection was stripped off by the next morning- they just could not leave it alone. Sigh...

Here is Will taking a detour on the way to the turn out. He is such a character!

Here is a quick shot of Will showing off some once he got into the turnout. Notice at the end how calm and quiet little Whirly is compared to Will!

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