Thursday, April 30, 2009

Thursday Happenings...

Shiloh is featured on this month's Valley Horse News. Jericho (below) is on the front cover with a nice write up about us and what we do inside. They were very close to their deadline, so they took info and photos right off of our website. They used the following photo of Jericho. This is how he looked when he arrived at Shiloh two years ago:

Emaciated. He had been wired into a corral. We did not think he was going to make it...

But, here he is today out in the Area 51 pasture. He is fat and happy, hanging out and enjoying his life.

By the way- no photo shopping here! :o)

We moved Capone out of his single corral and into Little Vacation Village where he can live with friends. He has put on alot of weight and is happy and healthy now. Sandy just loves him!

And Capone loves Sandy...

Sitka wandered a bit in her Magic Leg. But, it was so hot out there that most of the horses stayed close to their cooler stalls...

Rocky Road and Stephanie worked a bit...

Sally moved Good Face, another Shiloh senior, up into Little Vacation Village from the Cuckoo's Nest pasture.

Weds- we are back!

Our first day back at Shiloh after our trip to Hungary. Although we had a wonderful time, we always miss the animals and are always glad to come home. Felipe, who was in charge while we were gone, and the volunteers who pitched in to help him all did a wonderful job of taking care of everything. The ranch looks neat and clean and all the horses are happy and well cared for. Thank you!

Back to business:

Big thanks to Larry Bowles who donated this flag and flag pole on behalf of all the Veterans out there. We are proud to fly our flag at the ranch.

Lovely looking sleek eating her breakfast with new best friend, Ciento...

Sally spends some time with Chief in the ICU unit. Although he does stay standing, he does spend some time lying down, or sitting like this. He has to wear his leg splint for support and is still on steroids. We just don't know if he is going to get better. We are all pulling for him, but only time will tell if he will recover to where he will have a quality of life...

Levi kicks up his heels in the turn out. His brain surgery worked- he is much quieter and can now be turned out with other geldings to play. He really is a cute little guy.

Bacon Bits and Pigmalian enjoy water from a dumped over bucket in the barn aisle. It was hot out at Shiloh, looks like Summer is here!

Mancado, who recently returned to Shiloh, under saddle with Elisa. Mancado is such a nice big gelding. He is being re-evaluated for adoption to another loving home.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Another Big Day Out for Traveler in Budapest!

Up bright and early again, another busy and history filled day ahead!
This is the Vienna Gate in Obuda. This gate, which was in the walls of the Buda Castle fortress, guarded the road to Vienna.
From up on top of the Gate, you can see the ancient walls.

Next stop, Margaret Island. Margaret Island is in the middle of the Danube, not far from Obuda. It's a beautiful green park now. We decided to explore on bikes. This is a two seater bike that Jill, Sally and I shared.

We headed off down the road...

It is so green and beautiful here!

Here are some ruins of a 13th Convent. This was the home to Saint Margaret (1242-1270), for whom the island is named. Her father, King Bela IV, placed her into the convent at the age of Nine. She lived here until her death.
She must have been sad to live here even though it is so beautiful and peaceful now.

For more history, we headed to Aquinicum, the ancient Roman Settlement from 1 A.D. Aquinicum (in what is now Budapest) was at the north-east frontier of the Empire.

Look at the ancient foundations!

They had shops, homes, baths- everything you would need to live. An estimated 50,000 people lived in this settlement.

Sally and I explored together...

I stopped for a short break to munch on a dandilion...

Later in the afternoon, Tony and I sat on a terrace for a beer. Tony sketched the city below while I danced to some traditional Hungarian music.

What a great day, I love Budapest!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Traveler at the Dohany Street Synagogue in Budapest 4/24/09

Today was another busy day.
First off we went to the Dohany Street Synagogue. This is the second largest Synagogue in the world, the largest in Europe. It was part of the Jewish Ghetto during 1944. It is huge and absolutely beautiful.

During WWII, the Nazis used this Synagogue as a stable for their horses and offices. Because they used it throughout the war, the Germans did not destroy it, like they did to many other Synagogues across Europe.

It really is an amazing place and it was an honor for me to visit it.

Years ago Tony created a foundation in his father's name to help restore the Synagogue. Tony's Foundation helped to create this incredible monument to the lives lost in the Holocaust. It is a silver tree, the names of those who were lost are engraved on silver leaves. They were refurbashing it at the time of our visit, so the leaves were wrapped up for protection. When they are loose, they make a beautiful twinkling sound in the breeze.

Years ago, Tony had plaques set in the monument in honor of his Father who was born in Hungary. It was so moving to see TC re-reading the plaques. We took rubbings of them to take home in a frame.

This is the Jewish Cemetary on the grounds of the Synagogue. There are over 2,000 people buried here in mass graves. They all died in the Jewish Ghetto. It so peaceful now that it is hard to imagine all of the suffering that went on here.

If you are ever in Budapest, please do take some time to check out this beautiful place. I am glad I did.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Back at Shiloh...

Some pictures from Thursday:

Chief in his new outdoor run in his Intensive Care area. This way he can stand in the warm sun.

Look who can't fit in the doggie door to the office anymore! No more dog food for Jimmy Dean.

Traveler's Long and Busy day in Budapest

My girls kept me moving all day, I never even got a chance to sit down and relax! But, there is so much to see here in Hungary...

This is The Lion's Gate at the Buda Castle complex.

The lions are scary and I was a little bit afraid to go through the gate...

This is an old Medieval Chamber down below the Budapest History Museum, also part of Buda Castle. I love this old stuff, I always wonder what it must have been like to live in those days...

This is an old fragment of a rug that dates back to the Magyar invasion in the year 896.

As always, I wanted to get into the culture of the place I am visiting, so I got this wonderful new Hungarian costume. I wanted something more along the lines of a Cossack or Hun outfit, but the girls thought I would look cute in this. I do have to agree with them...

I do look festive!

Sally got to wear another cool hat, but, sadly, they did not have my size...

These are the ancient walls of a Dominican church and Jesuit Monastary from the year 1254! Our hotel is built around these ruins and I can look at them while I eat breakie...

Here is part of the facade of our hotel.It depicts King Matyas.

This is Lord's Street in Odbuda (Old Buda). Merchants who catered to the Royal Court had shops on this street...

The girls took me into a place called the Labyrinth on Lord's Street. It looked kind of fun from the outside...

But, I began to get a little bit scared as we went down...

It's so dark down here! These are natural and man made caves below the castle area which were used through the centuries. I think it is haunted.

This is a statue of a horse who was carved out of a rocky outcrop.

Here is a freaky fountain that dispenses fake wine for some reason way underground. I was very afraid and asked the girls to get me out of here. They were all to happy to oblige- I think they were afraid also...

So, to calm down, we checked out the Szechenyi Baths. It's a neat old building.

The ceiling was so cooll! Hey, there are horses up there!

This is my favorite fountain- look at the little cherub, he is peeing water! Jill tried to shield my eyes, but I still saw it!

We stopped by the counter to try the water- it is supposed to be super good for you and heal arthritis, digestive problems, etc...

But, it smelled like rotton eggs! I did drink some and felt pretty good afterwards...

On the way home we stopped at Heroes' Square which was built in 1896. It is a wonderful example of National Hungarian Pride. This is the Tomb of the Unknown.

I LOVED the horse statues! They were so well made that I spent a long time looking at them. They looked so life like. Everyone waited in the car when the girls and I looked around. You know us crazy horse people!

The statues were of Hungarian Knights- I love this horse's bridle. It is made out of deer antlers. I would look fabulous in something like that!

Hi Guys!

They looked at me but didn't speak.

Even though I love Hungarian Goulash, I did talk everyone in to stopping at McDonalds. It tasted sort of like the ones back in the states...
That evening we went to the American Ambassador's Residence for a reception for Tony. I watched from the back as they presented him with a letter thanking him for his support of both the United States and the Republic of Hungary. Did you know that Tony is a "Knight of the Republic of Hungary"?

Later I spent time with some Air Force members who are stationed at the Embassy. Thanks for supporting the United States guys!