Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Editor's Response...

I received this today from the Pahrump Valley Times Editor:

"Your letter, as submitted, will not be printed.

There were to be no disparaging comments about "any Pahrump Rescue locations or Pahrump or Nye County people involved."

To make it very clear, I append her comments to me in a letter to me earlier today: "The letter below is NOT GOING TO BE PRINTED."

Mark Smith, editor"

Read Shiloh's Letter to the Editor.

Gee, we are shocked! :o) Great journalism there!

Anyway, White Cloud, Lovely, Val, Levi, and Sweetie are the true winners in this story. That's all that really matters and we are so happy to have them at Shiloh. We did our job.


the 4 D's said...

You are right Jill ,All that counts are the wellbeing of the Horses .You cant help shallow minded people.

Mikey said...


Cheryl Ann said...

Huh? Isn't that what "letters to the editor" is all about? People taking a SIDE or a STAND against something? WHO is this milktoast?

shilohsally said...

My letter to Pahrump paper:
Mr Smith and all,
It seems "freedom of speech" only applies to the residents of Nye County. You had a chance to stand up and help some of the animals in Pahrump and be their voice. At least we were able to help five horses have a better life in spite of your paper and Animal Control.
Pass the buck. Don't make waves. Look the other way. You should be ashamed! I am embarrassed for you, your paper, and your town.
Shiloh Horse Rescue

Amber said...

I don't want to admit I live in Pahrump......Oops

Found art blog said...

So.... you can take a stand but only if it's the same side as the newspaper's on??

Uhhhh..... balanced journalism, anyone?

Found art blog said...

Mind you, if you ever run out of sawdust to put on the stalls floor, you could always buy a shredder.... I believe there's a few newspapers suitable for that kind of coverage!!!

Shiloh Horse Rescue and Sanctuary said...

Shiloh has many wonderful Pahrump adopters and volunteers who take excellent care of their horses. There are many great people that live there and who are just as concerned about animal welfare in their county as we all are. They are frustrated about this situation too.

Don't get us wrong, Clark county has major problems with their animal welfare laws too, but at least that AC is slowly coming around and becoming more active to help animals.

Together we can make a difference.


sandycreek said...

I am in Georgia so I don't know the answer to this but. Do you have a newspaper in "your" county? If so, maybe you could forward on the letters to them to be published, of course that is going to be resorting to mud slinging.