Monday, November 30, 2009

Lots of Photos!

Reminder- Shiloh will be closed to all Visitors and Volunteers from December 1st until December 8th- thank you!

It's time for the December Feed Fairies! We absolutely cannot thank all of our Feed Fairies enough, $10.00 really does go a long way to helping with our senior horses. How can you become a December Feed Fairy?

Some super great news- Crusoe now has a pending adoption! A wonderful woman came out to Shiloh yesterday to meet him and it was a great match. Crusoe is scheduled to leave Shiloh for his new home and life on Saturday. Crusoe is a favorite of many of our volunteers and, as sad as it will be to see him go, we are all very happy he has finally found his new home.

Lindsey Loham is doing good and will return to Shiloh in the morning. She will have to live in our big horse trailer for a few weeks, that way we can keep her protected and keep her wounds very clean. She has her igloo and lots of warm blankets to snuggle in so she should be happy.

I took lots of photos today, it was a beautiful day.

Kelso, looking good in Mesquite Manor.

Jimmy Dean sat in the sun in Stardust's outdoor run. Stardust is moving around a bit better and is still eating and drinking great. But, she is still showing neurological signs and we are still watching her very closely.
Mendoza dozed in his outdoor run. He has a great view of all of the Shiloh action from here.
New Arrival, Intrepid is gaining weight and looking much better. All the new guys are still in Isolation until mid December.

Youngster, Resolute is also gaining weight. The New Arrivals all enjoy spending time in the Isolation turnout.

Longfellow, looking better!

Even Veteran, the thinnest of the group, has added weight.
Here is Veteran's condition upon his arrival.

His condition today, just two weeks later. He is slowly filling out.

Big guy, New York is looking great.

Manhattan, what a cutie.

Back on the other side of the ranch, Kerkorian eats his Equine Senior while Wanderer Concho watches.
We have moved Sweetie and her best friend, Ciento, into a Duplex. Sweetie's crippled leg is bothering her more with the cold. We wanted to keep her close and watch her. All of the old and compromised horses, like Sweetie, are blanketed at night.

The Blind Girls.
Sanctuary horse, Navajo and his tongue. He is almost blind and has very few teeth left which makes his tongue sticks out sometimes. He is a sweet old guy and still enjoys his life of leisure.
Wanderer Charlie looking for some action.
Granite stood quietly in the stock so his castration site could be cleaned. He is such a neat horse.

Sparrow and Storm Cloud in the Big Pasture.

Pequito was moved out into the Big Pasture this morning- he loved it! He was off, galloping and playing with the other geldings all morning.

Margarita chased Sally's feed cart.

Harmony and Moonshine spent time in the turn out.
We moved Assisted Living horses, Freedom and Celebrate into the new feeding pasture. They have been feeling so good lately that they were starting to chase the other older horses!
A view of the Feeding Pasture- which we haven't named yet.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Lindsey Loham Update- Sunday Night

Well, good news as Lindsey Loham seems to be doing good in the clinic. She is walking, eating and drinking and so far is looking okay. The vets will remove her bandage tomorrow and reinspect her wounds and if all still looks okay, she will be able to return home to Shiloh for treatment.

Let's keep our fingers crossed, but so far, so good!

A Generous Gift

Shiloh received a very generous $500.00 donation this morning and I wanted to share this part of the email that came along with the donation:

"I would like to use this email to dedicate my donation to Phuket Horse Rescue, operated by my daughter, Christy Sweet. She is valiantly using her personal resources to attend to horses who have been rescued from squalid conditions on the island of Phuket, Thailand. Christy has not been able to obtain status as a charitable organization from the Thai government, but is working to be able to receive tax-deductible donations from Americans and others."

We all thank Christy for her work with and dedication to horses in Thailand, that must be extremely difficult...

Please take a moment to check out Phuket Horse Rescue's website.

Lindsey Loham News

Those of you who read our blog regularly know that a few weeks ago Lindsey was attacked at night and her one ear had to amputated. We thought it was the loose Pit Bulls that had already attacked a dog on the ranch next door two days before. We were told that the Animal Control picked up the Pit Bulls, and we don't know what they did with them.

But, two nights ago, Lindsey escaped from her pen in the Pig Palace (she is very difficult to lock up) and something attacked her again over by the Mare Motel/Hospice area. Her other ear was torn off and we had her rushed into the vet clinic. Her head was cleaned and dressed and she came back home to Shiloh and back into her reinforced pen. We have been keeping a very close eye on her and she is on medication and antibiodics.

But, today, when her bandage was removed for cleaning, we became very concerned by her wound and her behavior. So, she is being taken back into the clinic right now.

We will be discussing her with our vets and deciding what we can do for her, if anything. We cannot have her suffering and we may have to make a difficult decision.

We have no idea what attacked her- we are thinking possibly Coyotes. The other pigs all stay close to the Pig Palace or inside the barn stalls at night. Lindsey is a loner and prefers to sleep out in the open.

I will update as soon as I speak to the vet again.

Shiloh Wallpapers

Check out these cute Shiloh themed Desktop and Phone Wallpapers!

Thank you Robin and Daria for making these.

Baby Adoption Videos!

We have some really sweet young horses at Shiloh who are looking for their new home and bright future. A baby doesn't belong in a rescue, they belong in a home of their own where they can get all of the love and attention they need and deserve.

Both of these babies were born at Shiloh after their pregnant mothers were rescued. All our babies are handled and worked with on a regular basis. All Shiloh foals are weaned at six months of age and males are gelded before being adopted. They are well adjusted, healthy and ready to move on in their lives.

Willing (Little Will):


Odds and Ends and an Adoption!

NOTICE: Shiloh will be closed to all Visitors and Volunteers from December 1st until December 8th. Thank you for the cooperation!

It's been a busy weekend.

First off, we would like to thank Dusty and Anita Kraft, our Sandy Valley neighbors. Dusty recently sold some of his old saddles and donated the proceeds to the rescue horses! The Kraft's generous donation of $1200.00 will go a long way to caring for the horses at Shiloh- THANK YOU!

Moonshine returned from his Foster Home yesterday. He looks great, fat and healthy. He is a very special pony who needs just the right home. He would make an excellent Pony Club mount for a confident Pony Clubber.

Happy news as Tinman is adopted by Nancy of AZ! It was a great match and Tinman is settling into his new home right now.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

It's Cold Out There!

Yep, it's cold out there at night. One of our water floats froze and broke in the night- look at what happened to the spray, we have icicles! I guess it's time to turn off our automatic floats...

Thank you, Dave, for these neat photos...

Adopted horse UPDATES- Woody and Bonanza

Shiloh received this very nice message on our My Space page from Woody's Adopters:

"Hi everyone at Shiloh.

I am so happy I came there to adopt a horse from you guys. Woody is now known as Whiskey and doing great. We put the bit in his mouth for the first time 2 days ago and he is doing well. He is feeling very spunky and does try to push you a lil but it doesn't last long. He loves playing with my mom's horse Koda. He is totally different then when we first got him. There is also no issues with his back legs as we give him plenty of exercise. He does spook at lil things and doesn't care for the trailer, but we have been spending a lot of time on that and if you do it he will do it.

He is such a lovable horse. I am glad I chose him. If anyone has any doubts about what you guys do, they should should look at all of us who have adopted. You guys give good horses a second chance and Whiskey fills my heart up with joy.

My poor horse Tessa actually was diagnosed with Side bone and is starting to show signs of lameness. At the beginning of next year I will be looking for another horse that I can ride together with my boyfriend and Whiskey. I will definitely come out there to find her. My Tessa was a personal rescue I took from a bad owner. I want to give another horse like her a second chance at a good life. So watch for me I will be back there. Thank you so much for everything."

(Woody and one of his Adopters.)

We received this about Bonanza, who left for his new home last weekend:

"Bonanza has been great to work with. Sydney and I are both riding him and he's picking up so quickly. We're still working on basics of course and I think he's a perfect horse for her. She's very happy with him. In fact, she cleaned the corral for the first time ever because that was the deal if she wants to keep him. Otherwise he becomes my horse. Anyway, just wanted to thank you for your help!"

Friday, November 27, 2009

A Busy Friday!

Lots of volunteers out today due to the Holiday weekend. Everyone was working hard to burn off their Thanksgiving meals!

Big thanks to Ed who volunteered his building expertise and closed off the end of our office building. We have been living with a huge gaping hole which blew in tons of dust everyday. Now it looks great! Ed's wife, Sara, and their daughter, Lauren, groomed and loved on the horses...

We welcomed back Pequito who returned from his adoptive home in Oregon. Unfortunately, due to his old racing injuries, he just wasn't able to hold up to daily riding. He looks wonderful and he was well loved and cared for in his home and he is already badly missed by Chris and Laurie and former Shiloh Horse, Baldwin.

He stretched his legs in the turn out...

And then had a nice dust roll.

Sally gave Daisy her medicine, which she hates. Daisy's deformed teeth are affecting her again and she will be going into the vet clinic next week to have them worked on. This is not easy to do, her mouth is so small and her teeth are so large for her head. But, her teeth affect her sinus (she is missing one) causing her to have a persistent sinusitis. We have to keep Daisy healthy, so the vets will see what they can do with the very least amount of stress to her.

Lots of horses were worked with today, lots of volunteers working hard. Here is Lucero under City Center with Dave...

He worked on picking up feet and standing for grooming.
Then it was Will's turn for some work.

Spice was handled and worked by Patti...
Baby Spice has really filled out!

Then Patti worked with Crusoe in the Round Pen.

We really appreciate the volunteers who work with the horses. It helps them be able to move on to homes of their own, which is our ultimate goal, especially with the young horses who do not need to live their lives in a rescue. Shiloh really has some AWESOME VOLUNTEERS!

Sitka dozed in her barn stall with Bacon Bits...

Daisy greeted Pequito.

She caught him up on all of the gossip since he has been gone...

A meeting of the minds...

Tomorrow will be another busy day with lots of volunteers and visitors, as well as potential adopters trying out horses.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Tinman's Adoption Video

Tinman's Adoption Video- Under Saddle. There is also a Ground Manners video on his webpage.

A Great Day

Another Beautiful day at Shiloh. All is well and we have a lot to be thankful for.

Here is Baja and Scrappy, wandering around and finally deciding to go into an arena for a nice roll .

One eared Lindsey Loham, looking good. Her ear is healing very nicely.

Jimmy Dean and Bacon Bits dozing in the straw in Daisy's stall. Daisy was out wandering...

Assisted Living member, Sundance.

Gummie Pen member, Heavenly.

Sanctuary Horse Shadow's smile!

Stardust is still eating and drinking normally. We have discussed her neurological problem with the vet and are treating her with a course of steroids as well as Banamine to keep her comfortable.

Newly gelded, Granite. He has some swelling along his abdomen, but his incision looks good and clean. He is the laziest horse ever and hates to have to move to keep the swelling down!

Seattle enjoys his hay out in the Big Pasture.

Slewus and Hilo.


Assisted Living member, Celebrate.

Little Levi looking fat and cute! And look, no photoshopping!