Monday, November 16, 2009

We are back and the New Arrivals!

Well, it has been a busy few weeks. We are back in town and all the horses look great. Everyone is getting very fuzzy! We worked hard in New York and raised almost $3,000.00 for the rescue, $1000.00 of that was in beaded horseshoe sales!

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More News: Shiloh has saved it's 502nd horse! HUGE thanks to all of our adopters, supporters and volunteers! It has been an incredible journey over these past five years, lots of hard work and heartbreaking stories- but lots of wonderful and heartwarming stories too...

The six newest Fallon horses arrived at 3am on Sunday morning- they were exhausted and cold- but are now warm, resting and eating.

This is Veteran, an older TB/QH gelding. He is very thin. He was named in honor of Veteran's Day.
His condition.

Poor guy...

We put a blanket on him and we don't think he had ever had one on. It took a while, but eventually he let us get it on him. It's cold at the ranch and with his condition, he needs the extra warmth. Here he is looking back at the blanket...

This is Resolute (which means "Steadfast"). He is a 3 year old OTTB who still has his racing plates on.

This is Manhattan, another OTTB gelding. He is 6 years old and still wears his racing plates.

This is Intrepid (which means "invulnerable to fear"), he was named after the NYC aircraft carrier, The Intrepid. He is 4 years old and still wearing his racing plates. He had been recently body clipped on the track and was shivering from the cold when he arrived at Shiloh.

Here is Longfellow, named for his long back and because he is a cute fellow! He is an older Quarter Horse gelding who is also very thin. I forgot to take his photo before we put the blanket on!
This is New York, named after the USS New York. He is a huge OTTB gelding, six years old and still wearing his racing plates.

Intrepid and Manhattan, warm in their blankets...


the 4 D's said...


Shiloh Horse Rescue and Sanctuary said...

And they love you! So do we... :0)

Elaine said...

Jill & Sally
These guys are awesome. Poor little guys. I cannot wait to meet them on Friday. I will bring extra treats.


Sharil said...

What a great accomplishment!!! You have to be so proud.

I remember going to the ranch when it was just bare land. Look at it now!! WOW

I am proud to be a member of the Shiloh family..

Love ya too Dave :)

the 4 D's said...

yea its great to be part of a special family as shiloh ,Thanks to all the shiloh family. love ya too Sharil

Mikey said...

Aww, I'm so glad they're home. Who in their right mind body clips a horse then sends them to sale during winter? What is wrong w/people????

I know they're in good hands now :)

San Francisco Street Walker said...

<3 intrepid

Found art blog said...

Give them hugs from me, won't you?

Sharla Sanders, Founder, The Second Race said...

Read about your recent three ex-racers, and my heart always breaks for them. Thank you that you have given them a soft place to land.
Do your pursue where these horses come from (tracks, owners, trainers) when you discover them?
I would be happy to help you with this, if they turn out to be CA racers, I would like to know.
Several race tracks have provisions in place to make sure that there are penalities for owners or trainers that knowingly dump their horses. I am not naive and think that the provisions necessarily work, but if we never say anything, they never will.
Sharla Sanders
The Second Race

Anonymous said...

jill congratulations! what you and your mom do is so incredible. These horses are so lucky to have a 2nd chance in life thanks to your efforts.

I'll drop you and email about Intrepid as a possible for the foster program-

"sadler" and esther - Talisman Farm

Cheryl Ann said...

THANK YOU, again, for rescuing these guys! Poor body hair to keep them warm! I mean, WHAT is WRONG with people? I wish I could get out to Shiloh to see them! Maybe over Christmas vacation!