Wednesday, November 25, 2009

A Great Day

Another Beautiful day at Shiloh. All is well and we have a lot to be thankful for.

Here is Baja and Scrappy, wandering around and finally deciding to go into an arena for a nice roll .

One eared Lindsey Loham, looking good. Her ear is healing very nicely.

Jimmy Dean and Bacon Bits dozing in the straw in Daisy's stall. Daisy was out wandering...

Assisted Living member, Sundance.

Gummie Pen member, Heavenly.

Sanctuary Horse Shadow's smile!

Stardust is still eating and drinking normally. We have discussed her neurological problem with the vet and are treating her with a course of steroids as well as Banamine to keep her comfortable.

Newly gelded, Granite. He has some swelling along his abdomen, but his incision looks good and clean. He is the laziest horse ever and hates to have to move to keep the swelling down!

Seattle enjoys his hay out in the Big Pasture.

Slewus and Hilo.


Assisted Living member, Celebrate.

Little Levi looking fat and cute! And look, no photoshopping!

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