Sunday, November 29, 2009

Lindsey Loham Update- Sunday Night

Well, good news as Lindsey Loham seems to be doing good in the clinic. She is walking, eating and drinking and so far is looking okay. The vets will remove her bandage tomorrow and reinspect her wounds and if all still looks okay, she will be able to return home to Shiloh for treatment.

Let's keep our fingers crossed, but so far, so good!


the 4 D's said...

yea go lil piggy

Mikey said...

oh my gosh, I just now read this. Somehow I missed it earlier. I hope she gets better soon, that's very odd that she's being attacked like that. Poor thing!! You want to borrow my coyote chasing dog? He's tough, vaults a 5 ft fence and runs them all off.
Prayers for Lindsey. I love all those lil piggies there :)