Thursday, November 19, 2009

Vet Day at Shiloh...

We were up very early, we had a long vet day ahead. It was very cold, so Chia Pet dressed, and growled, accordingly.

Once we got to Shiloh, we found that the electricity was off- So Cal Edison was doing some all day work on power in the valley. That meant our four teeth floats would have to wait for another day as Dr. Schur use electric tools. But, there was still plenty to do.

On Tuesday morning, Lindsey Loham was found with a torn and bleeding ear. We could not figure out what had happened to her in the night- first we thought maybe the ranch dogs, but the damage was too severe, then we thought maybe coyotes. But, then we heard that another small dog on the next ranch over had been attacked by three loose pit bulls and had his ear torn off this past weekend. Three loose dogs had been seen from a distance earlier on the weekend out by one of Shiloh's round pens, but then they ran off. So, now we have deduced that Lindsey was attacked by these same pit bulls, who it seems tried to pull her out of her igloo house where she sleeps at night by her ear. Her ear was hanging off in shreds and she has cuts and scrapes all over her head, snout and shoulders. The poor thing!

In order to work on her, the vet put her to sleep with gas...

Sharil, shaken by Lindsey's injury, tried some as well...

Dr. Schur had to cut the remaining ear and tissue off, now she is completely missing an ear! We don't know how well she will hear, we will have to see as it heals. Poor Lindsey! But, we are thankful that the dogs did not manage to get her out of her pig house otherwise she would have, most likely, been killed. We now have to close Daisy up at night as she can easily be killed by these horrible dogs. We don't know where the dogs came from, who they belong to or where they are now, so we are being very careful. Pit bulls have been known to attack and kill full grown horses as well as people. If we see those dogs again anywhere near Shiloh, it is not going to be pretty.

Feeling better, Lindsey snuggled under her warm blanket and slept the rest of the day away...
Granite was gelded. Here he is being sedated... It took the maximum amount of drugs to get him to go down!

But, finally, he went down and the procedure could begin. All went well, with no complications.

Boone's hind end lameness was evaluated by Dr. Schur. She confirmed that it is probably arthritis in his hock. He may still be pleasure sound and be able to find a home of his own at some point. He is a sweet guy and we are going to begin working him a bit to see how he does.

Inspirada was acting a bit quiet, so we decided to have her checked over. All seemed fine, but she was given some water and oil just to be sure.

Arson's foot was re-checked. It looks like it is doing okay, he is still sore on it, as you can imagine.

Arson is such a good guy, he stands so perfectly still no matter what you have to do to him.

We had Pecos' eye re-checked, it looks like it is healing well.

We also had Ketchum's cancer checked and some growths cut away. Daisy's teeth we also checked, with her deformed mouth she has major dental problems. She will be going into the clinic in the next two weeks to have some work done again. New Arrival Intrepid's injured leg was checked over. She confirmed it is a suspensory ligament pull.

A busy and long day!


the 4 D's said...

Hey Jill I did scare those dogs out of area51 and Rookies pasture the weekend you were gone .they are small brown pit mix and 2 other s about the size of colby.they came from the ranch behind shiloh and left the same way.

Found art blog said...

Big hugs to Lindsay from me.... hope you're able to sort out the dog problem too.