Thursday, November 19, 2009

A Beautiful Day

The weather was wonderful today- lots of sunshine and in the mid 60's. It still gets very cold at night (the water buckets freeze over) so our older guys and other compromised horses continue to be blanketed at night.

It was a busy day today.

Lindsey Loham looked much better, she is eating and drinking and will be moved to a new private residence in the Pig Palace where she will be protected and can recuperate.

Eric is now riding his Mustang, Gus. They are such a great team and Eric has done an outstanding job with Gus.

The New TBs in Isolation were turned out for a few hours today so that they could enjoy the nice weather. They were put into the Isolation turn out.

Mendoza wandered a bit and then waited for his feed. He has put on a lot of weight and is looking really good. He was given another steroid injection yesterday to keep his appetite up.

Daria hopped on Tinman. Tinman was just returned from his adoptive home. He was still in his trial period and he didn't fit in with Kerkorian who was also adopted. Both horses fought with each other and the family finally had to switch out both Kerkorian and Tinman for Harmony who seems like a great match. That is why we offer a 30 day full money back on all our horses- we want the match to work out for everyone, people and horses. Sometimes you just don't know until you get the horse home how they are going to mesh with your family, etc. So we have begun working Tinman again- he is such a nice gelding and should make someone a wonderful horse.

He is a very nice looking 8 year old gray Thoroughbred gelding. Sound and healthy.

Inspirada is feeling fine and was out back out into her pasture. She is still looking for her new home.

Granite appears to be recovering nicely from his castration. He was hosed down, worked in the round pen and wandered in the turn out. Granite is so sweet and once he is ready, he should make a very nice family or husband horse.

Bonanza will be heading out to his new home on Saturday. He spent some time in the turn out this morning...

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Amy said...

do you have a gun? the pit's need to be shot. you need to be prepared to shoot to kill. that is the most humane thing for them. they will kill livestock, pets, and who knows what else. pit's attack kids. people are always afraid that a coyote will attack their child, but a coyote wont attack a kid, but pit attacks on kids have been documented. be careful. have you reported this to the sheriff? how horrible for Miss Loham.