Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Why Horse Slaughter MUST be stopped. Now.

These are some of the MOST horrifying and disturbing undercover videos that I have seen to date.

In February 2010 The Canadian Horse Defence Coalition received this hidden camera footage that had been taken in the Canadian slaughter houses, Quebec's Viandes Richelieu and Alberta's Bouvry Exports.

I don't care who you are, even if you claim to be pro-slaughter- nobody, and I mean nobody, with an ounce of compassion inside of them, can watch these videos and not be disturbed.

Most of the Fallon feedlot and auction horses that we have saved would have ended up here. Imagine some of the Shiloh Horses that you have grown to love, support and appreciate.

Now imagine them in these videos.

This should NOT be happening. Period.

Monday and a Windy Tuesday

It was super windy at Shiloh today, dust was a-flying...

Great news as Echo Echo spent the morning in his outdoor run. His feet are feeling better and we are hoping that eventually he will feel up to wandering freely during the day...

Little Aztec has joined the Breakfast Club. Here he joins up with Inca, Bacon Bits and Jimmy Dean...

Shiloh's roving "gray land sharks", Margarita and Taco. They stalk the feed cart every morning...

Eric, Jeremy and Sally say good morning to Aztec on Monday morning.

A super cute photo of a young Shiloh visitor playing with the little gray dog. How cute is this? We have decided that the two dogs need to remain together in a home.

Sally cuddles with Aztec.

We welcomed Frost back to Shiloh from his adoptive home. Sadly he had to be returned due to medical issues with his owner. Frost looks great and he will begin his re-evaluation for a new home.
Frost and his new pal, Cary Granite, in the Mare Motel.

Wednesday is another Vet Day. Lobo will be castrated, we are having some horses x-rayed, Melvin's skin condition will be checked, and other routine procedures will be done. Lets hope the wind dies down some!

Monday, March 29, 2010

We Need Homes ASAP!

Sadly, two very sweet little dogs were dumped at Shiloh sometime late last night. They were found early this morning huddling together inside our far fence line. There is a tiny little grey girl and a bit bigger white girl. Both are loving (the white one is a bit shy), like to be carried and will give kisses.

Unfortunately, neither Sally or I can keep them and they are too small to be ranch dogs.

Is there anyone out there who can give these poor little girls a new home and future? It would be wonderful if they could stay together, but of course, that is not very realistic. There is a possibility that Shiloh Volunteer, Sandi, can keep the little grey one, but if there is someone who will take on both that would be wonderful.

If anyone is interested, please email Sally at svberg@cox.net.

Sally coaxed the white girl over to her...

In the office- they are definitely house dogs, they hopped right up onto the sofa.

The grey girl.

Anyone out there looking for two sweet loving dogs?

Odds and Ends on a Monday Morning...

Here is a very sad post on Fugly Horse of the Day, lets show some support of this poor horse. What a story. If you haven't read Fugly before, check it out! It is a great Blog- full of lots of info and always interesting to read...

Here are some photos that Dave took yesterday at Shiloh:

What a face! It's Aztec, one of our new arrivals...

A great perspective shot from up high. There are all our favorite Gummies with Easy Street behind them. That white horse trailer to the right of the Gummies is the goat house- it's bedded with Straw. We have even found Wanderer Trigger just hanging out inside! The Pig Palace, which I think we will now call "Hamelot" (Thanks Eric and Jeremy), is behind the goat trailer.

That is the Hospice area with it's attached turn out between it and the Mare Motel. Behind the Hospice is the Saloon...

Journey in her adoptive home- she looks great!

Leah and Journey head out for a ride. They ride all over the place and are a perfect match. Happy Trails, Leah and Journey!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Our Painted Pony's Dillards Debut!

The Shiloh Figurine was released at Dillards here in Las Vegas on Saturday- it was a huge success! One hundred Shiloh figurines sold out in the first 20 minutes! People waited in line for up to 4 hours to purchase Shiloh and meet Tony who was available to autograph the figurines. Sadly, some people had to leave empty handed but everyone got a chance to meet Tony and everyone had a good time. We really appreciate everyone showing up and showing support of the Shiloh Horses!

We also got a chance to meet some of the other Painted Pony artists whose Ponies were also released for sale. Their artwork is just beautiful and we were so happy to be in the other artists' company. It really is an honor for all of us to be associated with, and to work with, such talented people.

We will be offering Shiloh Figurines on both Shiloh's website and Tony's website within the next week. All Shiloh's purchased off of these website, or at the rescue, will be hand signed by Tony. These figurines will sell for $75.00.

Note: We will be selling Shiloh Figurines at this year's Pet-a-palooza on April 10th. We will be offering unsigned Shilohs at a special reduced price of only $35.00 at this event. Tony will be at Pet-a-palooza from noon until 2pm to sign the figurines- so if you are in the area, come on by Shiloh's booth!

A HUGE Thank you to both The Trail of the Painted Ponies and Enesco, the Manufacturer. Painted Ponies presented Shiloh a donation check for $2,000.00 and Enesco presented us with a donation check for $1,000.00. THANK YOU!

Also thank you to The Trail of the Painted Ponies who will now be offering our hand beaded horse shoes on their website! They have been so generous to the rescue horses and we are just so happy to be working with this wonderful company.

The Painted Pony Display at Dillards. That is Shiloh in the top glass case!

There she is!
Pre-sold Shilohs lined up for Tony's signature...

Tony talked some about Shiloh and welcomed everyone to the event.

Then I spoke a bit about Shiloh Horse Rescue and let people know that a portion of the proceeds of each figurine go to the rescue horses.

Aztec and Hammie Davis, Jr.

We welcomed two new arrivals to Shiloh on Saturday morning- a new 5 month old Alpaca named Aztec and his pal, a pot belly pig named Hammie Davis, Jr! Welcome friends!

Both Aztec and Hammie Davis came from the NSPCA. We are so happy to be able to give them a home where they will have all of the room they need to live good pig and Alpaca lives...

Aztec met our Llama, Inca, in the round pen...

Inca wasn't too sure about her new friend...

But, how could she resist this face?

Still, Inca didn't look too impressed...

So, she wandered over to meet Hammie Davis...

He is a cutie too!

Unperturbed, Aztec rolled in the deep warm sand...

Then dozed off...

Later, they were both moved to a Medical Unit for a few days as they settle in to their new home. In a few days, they will both be let out to wander freely on our 40 acres...

Wanderers Latigo and Cortez looked less then enthusiastic about the new arrivals...

Friday, March 26, 2010

Come on out tomorrow and meet Tony and Shiloh!

Come on out to meet Tony and our life sized Painted Pony, Shiloh. Shiloh Collectible Figurines will be available for purchase at this event!

Tony Curtis Debuts Life-size Painted Pony

Las Vegas, Nevada

Saturday, March 27, 2010

2:00 PM to 4:00 PM

Dillard's at the Fashion Show Mall

3200 Las Vegas Blvd South Las Vegas, NV 89109

(877) 459-5701

Tony will be signing Shiloh Collectible Figurines! A portion of the proceeds of Shiloh go to the rescue horses. We will also be selling our hand beaded horse shoes to support the rescue.

Shiloh and Tony at Dillards- More Information. More info and a video about Shiloh's Painted Pony.

NOTE: Shiloh Figurines will also be available at both the rescue and on Shiloh's website very soon. I will post more information as soon as we receive our figurines!

This is very exciting, so if you are in the area, come on out and see us.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

More Photos!

It has been a very busy few days at Shiloh. But, what's new?

First off, we brought our Painted Pony, Shiloh, home to my house yesterday. Here Sally helps push him up the driveway. Sally is truly a Barn Manager who does it all! Shiloh will be picked up on Friday morning when he will be brought to a television studio here in Vegas for a news interview with Tony. Then he is off to Dillards for Saturdays Event.

Shiloh in my house, I love having him here!

Back to Ranch photos:
We are beginning to work with Napa. She is fat and sound, ready to begin her adoption evaluation...
Image is being picked up this afternoon for the Vet Testing. He will be used to teach vet students about Cushings Disease. Roy, Wasabi, Baja, Trigger and Hoops join him in this month's testing.

It took us a while to catch Wanderer Baja. Scrappy and Lindsey Loham tried to run interference, but we eventually caught her...

Sally cleaned up Trigger...

I had to give Cary Granite a little bit of sedation so the Farrier could finish up his hooves. For being such a big strong guy, he sure is a light weight! He snored away for quite a while after his hooves were done...

This is Twerp. He is looking good, so we will begin evaluating him for a new home very soon. He is supposed to love children and supposedly is a horse that anyone can ride. He is a cutie!

Battle Born napped in the hay...

Over in the Mega Pasture, Will ate his breakfast. This is such a sweet young gelding!

Tanis is out with his Harem in the Mega Pasture. He is so funny to watch, all the girls follow him everywhere!
Of course, how could they resist?

We all went out into Mega Pasture to try to catch the elusive Tioga. This is Sharil and Sally- both thinking postive by bringing along a halter. Tioga needed to come in to have his skin cancer area checked on the upcoming Vet Day...
There goes Tioga now!

And goes...
And goes! Where are Sally and Sharil? Go get him girls!

Sunset, watched all the fun from afar...

Snafu just ignored everyone and ate his hay...

These guys never blinked an eye...

Here is Dodge looking good...

And Dodge's pal, Cisco.

Over in the arenas, Elisa worked with Broadway. We had given Broadway some time off in the pasture over the winter, but she is back to work and will be looking for her new home very soon.