Monday, March 29, 2010

We Need Homes ASAP!

Sadly, two very sweet little dogs were dumped at Shiloh sometime late last night. They were found early this morning huddling together inside our far fence line. There is a tiny little grey girl and a bit bigger white girl. Both are loving (the white one is a bit shy), like to be carried and will give kisses.

Unfortunately, neither Sally or I can keep them and they are too small to be ranch dogs.

Is there anyone out there who can give these poor little girls a new home and future? It would be wonderful if they could stay together, but of course, that is not very realistic. There is a possibility that Shiloh Volunteer, Sandi, can keep the little grey one, but if there is someone who will take on both that would be wonderful.

If anyone is interested, please email Sally at

Sally coaxed the white girl over to her...

In the office- they are definitely house dogs, they hopped right up onto the sofa.

The grey girl.

Anyone out there looking for two sweet loving dogs?


The Persuader said...

I truly hope that each little dog is taken into a loving home.

Animal in the world given chance,loves back.. and that includes human beings!

Hempfield area said...

I just happy for the moment they were dropped off somewhere's where some one cares! :) Bless you for that much!!!! I have 2 dogs now and they are too big to have little dogs in the house with them or I would consider it.
Blessings your way~
Melodie in Pa.

Breathe said...

Oh my, how adorable! Little dogs go fast - list them on pet finder and they'll find homes lickety split.

Mikey said...

Oh gosh, what sweeties! Wish I could take them in, but at 11 dogs here, I think not. I do pray that they get adopted together. Poor scared lil things!!

Elaine said...

How could someone be so cruel. Thank god they came to Shiloh and you and Sally found them before the coyotes. Sadly, we two have a full house with two little ones and a big girl. I will pass the word though.

Found art blog said...

Little sweeties....! Hope somebody takes 'em!

LMel said...

I would take them in a heart beat... but I am in Canada :(