Thursday, March 4, 2010

What a Day...

Today was one of those days when Sally and I both wondered, "Why did we ever start a horse rescue? Whatever possessed us? And, can we go back to Cabo now?"

This morning I woke up and thought, "I am going to spend some time with my horse, Tanis, today. It should be a nice quiet day and who knows, maybe I will even hop on and go for a ride."

Well, of course, the Rescue Gods were listening- and anyone who runs a rescue knows it's not a good idea to tempt them.

So... Last night, some of the big pasture horses escaped from their pasture and had a big raging party near the Mare Motel. Of course, as parties always do, things must have gotten out of hand and the water spigot was broken off, which of course, flooded the ENTIRE Mare Motel. Sure, parties are all fun until someone gets hurt or something gets broken! There was so much water that it flooded all around the back of the old office, all the way to the feed room and the round pen and all the way up to Mesquite Manor. Everything had just dried up from all the rain, now it's even more flooded!

No horses, or other party animals, were hurt- just a big mess was made.

It's all due to our electric pasture fencing, which after five years, just isn't so electric anymore. We have been adding pipe panels in the pasture fencing- but this latest party break out illustrated the need for a major overhaul. We have applied for multiple grants to get new pasture fencing, but we have to wait and see if we are approved. We have gotten multiple quotes on all new fencing (put up by a real fencing company)- but the quotes are all all over $50,000.00! Unless we are approved for one of the big grants, that is just not going to happen.

So, we are looking to purchase more used pipe panels, and metal posts to support the fencing in our deep and sandy soil, and cement.

We were able to use all of our recently purchased used panels (which we were hoping to use for more turn outs)- so now we have the Okay Corral pasture, one big new Mega Pasture made up of what was the Boarders and the Big Pasture, and Area 51 (which still has some of the electric tape up). We would like to purchase three more runs of 250 feet to separate horses.

The entire day was spent putting up and repairing fencing. HUGE THANKS to Eric, Tanya, Sharil, Kody, and the guys who pitched in and actually made it a fun job! We could NOT have done it without you guys!

Needless to say, Tanis, did not get groomed and no tack went near him. The most he got was a pat from me as we carried panels by.

Some photos from today's fun:

The Mare Motel.

Some of the party animals resting after the festivities.

Our old electric/not electric tape...

Area 51 horses watching the new panels going up.

Eric had to shoo them away from the openings as they tried to escape again. "Okay, let's keep it moving, nothing to see here..."

Working hard.

I wonder what we will do tomorrow?


Gina said...

Just an incredible blow today! I'm so sorry Jill. Seems it's been one thing after another. But I know you will all rally again, and make the necessary changes. I do hope your grant(s) come through, as it is so obvious you need them now. My best always, Gina

shilohsally said...

Let's blame everything on Melvyn...and he is old enough to know better.

Helga said...

Oh no, what a mess!!! I love the photo of the party animals totally crashed sleeping after the fest :))
I will be there tomorrow, whatever I can do to help....

Cathy said...

Hang in there Jill! If it makes you feel any better, your commentary made me laugh.

The "passed out" horses are funny........sorry, they just are :)

We hope to come and see you late April, will that work? Planning to bring lots of goodies :)

Elaine said...

Jill, you made me laugh so hard I cried. The way you told this story was hysterical. Thats why you run a horse rescue, you can see the love, the humor and the phone in the craziest situations. Those horses laying down was the funniest thing ever. You are awesome. You and Sally. I love you guys.

Elaine said...

The phone. I mean the fun LOL

Mikey said...

I hear ya. Just when you think you're going to get to ENJOY your horses, they make a huge mess :) But you gotta love em. Laying down after the party is priceless!!
Good job on the fence. That looks like a lot of hard work!

Found art blog said...

I'm amazed that Salsa didn't get the blame for this one.....!!!

the 4 D's said...

those poor cats under the office, did they get flooded out too??? Looks like Kody has another big day of hard work at Shiloh. So happy he can help!