Thursday, April 18, 2013

Friday, April 12, 2013

Photos from the past week

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Some good news as Lexington was recently adopted to a new home in Colorado and Waco, one of our senior geldings, is moving to be with a foster family this coming week. Happy trails, Lex and Waco!

Sad news as our wandering POA pony, Cowboy, passed away suddenly on Thursday afternoon. He was wandering the ranch as usual when he suffered either a heart attack or stroke. He passed very quickly for which we are grateful. Cowboy, who lived at shiloh for 8 years, is buried in our Memorial Garden. Rest in peace, little Cowboy.

Here are some photos from the past week.

Sanctuary Horse, Hawkeye, enjoyed the attention of a Basic Horsemanship Class.

Arturo rode Lucero for the first time! Lucy is now 4 years old and it looks like she will be staying pony sized. A super cute young girl who is looking for her new home and future.

Good job, Lucero and Arturo!

Senior horse, Frisco, spent some time under City Center being shedded out by a new volunteer. That's alot of hair!

Waco being evaluated by Arturo.

Thank you to Todd who fixed our sign by the gate- he replaced the old dry erase board with a chalk board. Looks great!

Sweet Sanctuary Horse, Avalon out in the Big Pasture.

- Posted by Jill Curtis from the Ranch