Sunday, March 30, 2008

A Rescued Horse Shows Off...

Pacific, an off the track Thoroughbred who was rescued from a AZ slaughter auction by Shiloh, competed in another show this weekend. Jill's sister, Sarah VandenBerg of Briarwood Riding School, trains and competes Pacific, as well as other Shiloh Horses, Diego and Casino.
Pacific competed in the Open Training Division of Galway Downs Horse Trials in Temecula, CA. Jill and Sally drove down to groom for Sarah and help her out. Pacific is a wonderfully talented young horse (now 6 years old) and he was a strong competitor this weekend. After his Dressage test on Friday, he was in 10th place, but after a clean Stadium course on Saturday he moved up in the ratings. He is competing in the Cross Country phase today (Sunday) and we will have his final place later on today.

Here is a video of Pacific and Sarah's Stadium Jumping course (sorry for the shaky footage in the beginning, Sally didn't know how to use the camera!)...

This was a large and upper level show, up to a 3 Star Three Day Event level with Olympic Hopefuls, as well as Olympic Veterans competing. Below are some of the jumps they had to jump- they are HUGE! Three Day really is the ultimate for Horse and Rider as it tests all of the team's talent and abilites, confidence and courage. It is always so exciting to watch these incredible horse and riders compete.

Look how tiny Sally looks next to this Brush fence with a ditch in front of it!
A jump into the water complex, that is a large drop down for the horse and riders where they land in the water.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

The Pahrump Auction

Great news as Shiloh Volunteer, Cheri and her sister Cindy saved one of the Pahrump, NV Animal Control Horses at today's auction!

Cheri and Cindy were helped out with long time friend of Shiloh, Lisa, who lives in Pahrump. Lisa saved the older gelding for a mere $20.00, while the Shiloh Girls saved the older stallion for $40.00. The third mare went for over $1300.00, so she was safe.

Thanks to Cheri, Cindy, Lisa, evryone who emailed Shiloh about this auction, and everyone who offered to help us help these horses- the two older horses are safe from slaughter!

The girls brought the stallion home to Shiloh this afternoon, where he is settling in.

Sally and Jill were out of town, but that did not stop caring people from stepping up and helping these needy horses get to a place of safety.

Great Job everyone!

Tomorrow we will post about Sally and Jill's trip to the CA horse show to see Shiloh Horse, Pacific, compete. This was a 3 star Three day Event, with some riders competing to qualify for this Summer''s Olympic Games.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Horses in danger in Pahrump, NV!

Shiloh was contacted by a Clark County Animal Control Officer today- Three horses in Pahrump, NV (Nye County) are going to be auctioned off this coming Saturday, March 29, at 12:00 noon. These were horses who were confiscated from their owners in Nye County. They are at risk for being bought by a dealer type person and sent to slaughter.

The horses are housed at the shelter at 171 N Kitty Hawk right behind the Police department. But the auction will be at the Nye County Auction 800 Margaret St in Pahrump, the contact # for more info is 775/751-7020. It is also advertised in the classified section of the Pahrump Valley Times for horses for sale.

Jill and Sally will be in CA at a horse show, so we cannot attend to help these horses- as much as we want to! Anyone who can help these horses, please do so!

Anyone who attends the auction, please feel free to call Jill and Sally at 702-480-8906. If there is anything Shiloh can do from CA, we will do it!

Vet Day!

Weds was Vet Day. Dr. Little from Desert Pines worked on the horses who were on the list.

First, on a sad note, we had Gato peacefully euthanized. Her cancerous sores had gotten much worse in just the last few weeks, and we could not keep her comfortable anymore. They were going to get even worse, so we had to make the difficult decision to have her put down before she began to suffer. She went to sleep standing right next to her best friend, Meadow. It was very quick and quiet. Please take a moment to read her story in Greener Pastures.

On a happier note- Breezie IS PREGNANT! Dr. Little performed a rectal exam and felt the foal's foot! He thinks with in the next few weeks, possibly with in the next week. He also looked at Apache and he does think she is pregnant also, but since she is not easy to handle, we could not completely confirm it but she is getting bigger everyday. So, two more Shiloh babies on the way! (NOTE: Shiloh is a no breeding facility, both mares were rescued from slaughter already pregnant.)

Tattoo was gelded, poor little guy! He was a good boy for the vet and is now looking for his new home.


Out of it!

Oh, the humanity...

Oscar Meyer, the pig, was o the list for castration, but has only one descended testical, so for now he is still intact (we are sure he is happy about that!). He was sedated though and his teeth were cut down, which will help him eat better, and his hooves were trimmed. He snored his way through the whole procedure.

We also had Alamo, an older Sanctuary horse, checked as he has started to lose some weight and really show his age. All his vital signs were good, but we are keeping a close eye on him.

New video of Will playing with Wanderer Charlie and Inspirada! Check it out on his Video Page!

Two of our Boarder Horses, owned by Lynne gave birth to healthy foals yesterday and Thursday morning at Shiloh. Moms and babies are doing good, congratulations to Lynne!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Jill and Sally picked Booty up at Desert Pines this morning, he is back in Big Vacation Village and is happy to be home. He stepped off the trailer at Shiloh, looked over at his pasture and called out to his friends. It was very cute.

Sabine rode Hitch today, we added some of his videos to his page on the website. He is a very nice gelding, easy going and good mannered.

Sabine also rode Oreo, the black mare from Animal Control. She is very cute, pony sized. She had good manners under saddle, just a bit rusty. We will take videos of her tomorrow. We will also start evaluating Tippecanoe, the Appy gelding from AC. We named him Tippecanoe because his ears are tipped with white and because Jill is a fan of history (Tippecanoe).

We let our first batch of Fly Predators go today. We are trying them this year to try to keep the flies down. Let's hope it works and that the Fly Predators are very hungry!

Tomorrow is Vet Day. We are planning to have Breezie and Apache checked for pregnancies, Tattoo gelded, Oscar meyer castrated, Gato re-checked, and Gracie re-evaluated. We will post pics from this busy day in tomorrow's blog.

Monday, March 24, 2008


Booty is coming home to Shiloh tomorrow morning! He is passing manure, eating and feeling great. Big thanks to everyone at the vet, Desert Pines, and especially Dr. Little, who worked on him!

Desert Pines has the best vets in town and we truly appreciate all that they do for us and the horses. They always help Shiloh out by storing and then using leftover IV fluids from other horses, helping us to save some money. They also accept donations of equipment in Shiloh's name, which we then pick up.

Yay Booty!

It can be very dangerous driving the feed cart at Shiloh, watch this video and find out why!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Shiloh Video

This wonderful and moving video was created by a young Shiloh Volunteer for her school project. We think she deserves and A+! I am sure she would not mind if we share it with everyone... (Turn up your volumes to hear the music.)

The Easter Bunny Cometh

Looks like "you know who" visited Shiloh last night!

Booty Update- Sunday Morning

I just spoke to Dr. Little at Desert Pines, Booty is doing better!

He became a little painful during the night and was given more Banamine (a pain killer). That helped him and he stayed quiet for the rest of the night. This morning, they tried to pass a tub again, and he refluxed a litle bit of liquid, but not like last night, which is a good sign. Dr. Little could feel a larger impaction now during the rectal exam, which may mean things are starting to move. He is going to try to tube him again and try to get some oil in him. Booty has been pain free for the past 6 hours and wants to eat (which he is not yet allowed to do).

A good update. Dr. Little said getting him on the IV fluids within the first 4 hours of the onset of colic helped him.

He will remain in the clinic.

Easter and Booty

At 6pm last night, we had to take Booty into the vet clinic for colic.

Booty is in his mid 20's, so we did not hesitate with him. The first signs of colic and he was in the trailer. Once he arrived, he was examined by Dr. Little. All seemed fine, the Banamine he was given while at Shiloh seemed to be working, and he seemed comfortable, his vital signs good. Dr. Little decided to pass a tube to oil him just in case, but as he did, Booty refluxed a large quantity of liquid out of his stomach. This can be the sign of a small intestine blockage or strangulation, which is the worst type of colic for horses. He did feel a small impaction in his colon during a rectal exam, but thought it would be passable and his Belly Tap was clean. We are not sure what is causing the small intestine problem, possibly a Lipoma, which is a slow growing tumor that wraps around the intestine, gradually strangulating it (like Cabo had). We are hoping it is just a impaction which will move. To give Booty every chance at survival, he was immediately put on IV fluids and checked into the clinic. Dr. Little was going to call me if there was any change for the worst during the night, but I did not hear anything, so we are hoping that is good news. I should be hearing from the clinic within the hour and will update the blog.

Time is in the essence for a colic, the longer you wait with a compromised horse, the worse it is. We caught Booty early, lets hope, early enough.
On a lighter note- Happy Easter to everyone!

Here is recently adopted Shiloh horse, Tomahawk, all painted up like a War Pony, in his Easter best!
Below is a photo of the Wild Mustangs in Goodsprings, taken by Shiloh supporter and Boarder, Eric. A peaceful scene...

Saturday, March 22, 2008


A gorgeous day!

The Basic Horsemanship Class was great, full of people learning to groom, pick out hooves, catch and lead a horse. These classes are perfect for New Volunteers. It's so nice to see all the sweet rescue horses lined up in the class, being groomed, shedded, and talked to by hardworking students. I think the horses enjoy it as much as the people! Sweet old Moses, a horse who had been abandoned in the desert, is always used for the classes- he is so patient and gentle and it almost brings tears to my eyes to see him being fussed over by caring people. I think he knows just how much his life has changed since he was rescued.

Check out the video of today's class!

Afterwards, some of the New Volunteers washed some of the horses. Below, Seven and Heavenly get a bath...
And then Seven rolled..

We had lots of visitors out, lots of Boarders too. Fortune's adoption was finalized, which we are all happy about. Mancado now has an adoption pending to the Wells Family, another great home. Kit, one of the Animal Control horses who arrived this last week, was quickly adopted to a family who has been waiting for the right horse to come into the rescue. We had other prospective adopters looking at available horses, so it was very busy out there!

Friday, March 21, 2008

A Good Friday

Shiloh saved it's 450th horse today! That is a lot of horses! Thank you to ALL the Shiloh supporters, we could not have done it without you!

We picked up three New Arrivals from Clark County Animal Control today, all originally from Sandy Valley. Two of them, the black mare and the Appy gelding (pictured below), were taken from their owners due to abandonment and neglect. The third older bay mare was found wandering in Sandy Valley, where she had either been abandoned or was unwanted and went unclaimed by her owner at Animal Control. All three are very sweet and friendly, in spite of what they have gone thorough. It is always amazing how forgiving horses can be.

Will spent time in the Bungalow's attached turn out today, where he kicked up his heels and showed off for visitors. See his new videos here!

More Breezie pictures! What do you think, pregnant or not? Vote on our survey at the right of the Blog!
It was beautiful out at the ranch today, nice and sunny. Because of Spring Break and the Easter Holiday, we had lots of visitors and volunteers. Lots of horses got carrots and grooming and everyone worked hard and enjoyed the weather and just being outside with animals.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Sad news as we learned that former Shiloh Horse, Hello Copper was peacefully put to sleep by his loving adoptive family. His arthritis, age, and hard former life had become to much and he was ready to pass to Greener Pastures. Hello Copper was a beloved member of his family and will be badly missed. His last 10 months were filled with treats, care, and love. We thank his family for that, and we know he would too. It is always a very sad thing when a rescue horse passes, but we can be so happy that a horse, who has had to endure a difficult life, can find peace and kindness with a family of his own at the end of his life. That is why Shiloh does what it does.

Actually, that leads me to the next bit of news- Copper's family had come out to Shiloh to look at Breezie for possible adoption. After I introduced them to her, they asked "Is she pregnant or just fat?" I spun around and it dawned on me that yes, she does look pregnant! Breezie has been recovering from a bad hoof abscess for the last 3 weeks, so she has not been worked, just turned out. As we took a closer look at her, she has gotten huge in the last 2 weeks and we think her udder is getting bigger! Breezie was rescued from the feedlot before being shipped to slaughter in May 2007, so the latest she would be due, if she is pregnant, would be in April. There is a possibility that she was bred right before being dumped for slaughter, we have even seen breeding going on in the corrals at auctions. We hope she is not pregnant for her sake, but it is certainly possible, just look at Inspirada. We are having her checked next Weds by the vet, so we will know for sure!

The evidence?

Rescue is never boring, that's for sure!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Cheri and Jill worked on Gato today. Her cancer has caused her sores to worsen and they are causing more pain now when we touch them. We heavily sedated her so that we could work on her (she is not the easiest horse to handle on a good day), but this time the sedation did not work at all. We were causing her too much pain as we tried to clean and medicate the sores, some have gotten very deep now. Her sores now smell of infection. We cleaned her the best we could and gave her pain medicine and put her back onto antibiodics. We then put her new UV hood on her. We are going to have our vet take another look at her next weds and we will discuss what we can do and what is best for Gato. We are watching for a diminishing of her quality of life, but up to this point (except for the pain we cause when we try to treat her), she is still happy, eating, and enjoying her friendship with Meadow. The two of them now share the large tree studded corral in Mesquite Manor, we have moved everyone else out.

Three new arrivals came to Shiloh yesterday. All three had been abandoned at boarding facilities. One mare is suffering from some Laminitis which we are treated, the other two should be able to be evaluated for adoption once they gain some weight and have their hooves trimmed.

Little Will now has his own video page on the website: here. He is doing wonderfully- already eating, well, at least chewing up, his mom's grain and hay. His favorite napping spot is right on top of his mom's hay as she tries to eat.

Ten month old babies, Fortune and Twinkle enjoyed some fun in the turn out. Fortune has an adoption pending, but Twinkle, the black filly, is looking for a new home.

Tioga (below), another horse suffering from UV photosensitvity, is now wearing his new UV hood and mask (bought with donated money- thank you!). He looks like an alien, but he is protected and, happily, should be able to spend the summer months out in pasture with his friends.

Angel, the Skin Horse, got her new mask today, but is keeping her body and neck slinky for now as it keeps her warmer. Once it warms up a bit more, she will wear her UV sheet and hood.

Here is a cute picture of Angus with his new owner!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Spoiling the Horses!

Like many visitors and volunteers to the rescue, Shiloh volunteer, Kelly (pictured below), never comes empty handed! All the horses know the sounds of the huge industrial sized carrot bags being hefted into wheelbarrows. New arrivals, who just a few days before, avoided contact and preferred to stay in the back of the corrals, learn very quickly to come up to the fence for a treat. We really notice a difference in some horses' attitudes after being visited by the carrot wagons.

Some people say feeding treats will spoil a horse and teach it bad manners, which can be true in some situations- but to some rescued, abused, and stressed horses, a carrot taken from a kind and gentle hand is the first step to their new futures. For some, it is the first treat they were ever given just because someone cared.

We say, bring on the wheelbarrows! (But watch out for the donkeys, and the Wanderer's, and Salsa, and Charlie, and...)

The Weekend

Some sad news as Sanctuary Horse, Foggy, passed away sometime Friday night. Please take a moment to read his Shiloh story here.

As usual, another busy weekend.
Little Will had lots of visitors and he hammed it up for everyone. Will spent all day out in the run, always on the move. Poor Inspirada is exhausted from trying to keep up with him. But, she is enjoying all the extra carrots!

Dave and Sharil (below) had a private Parelli lesson with Marc Rea. They have been working hard and are both doing wonderfully! Borrego and Rookie seem to be really enjoying it.

Tomahawk was adopted to a great home and left Saturday afternoon. Gotham's adoption to Beth was finalized and Baby Fortune has an adoption pending to Yvonne. Angus left for his new home in Pahrump on Sunday morning.

It is wonderful how everyone pitches in to help out with the daily chores. There is always so much to do! Volunteers groomed horses, helped turn them out, and filled the endless water buckets. Sometimes, even the horses help out! Below, Slidell holds Lodi as Geoff, the Farrier, trims Lodi's hooves.

Sabine gave lots of riding lessons. Below, Seven gets tacked up.

The Wanderers enjoyed the activity and the warm sun (when the wind would die down).

Friday, March 14, 2008


Lots of horses were worked today, getting them ready for adoptions. Angus is in the process of being adopted by a family from Pahrump, NV, a great home for this really nice gelding.

Cheri moved NASDAQ from Assisted Living (where he was getting too frisky for the old guys) to Geezer pen, which is no longer full of any geezers! Celebrate was moved out of Geezer, into Assisted Living. It took a while for the horses to settle into their new spots, but by the time we left for the day, all was quiet and new friendships were being made.

Little Will had some visitors today. He spent all day out in the outdoor area of his Bungalow, exploring, learning to gallop, and napping in the sun. He is so cute to watch. He was copying his mom, trying to drink water and almost nibbling some hay- on his second day! He is a real charater- fearless and frisky! He is running Inspirada ragged as she has to follow him all over the corral as he explores- she is a wonderful mom- never more than 2 feet away at any time!

Watch Inspirada stay close to him in this video. Little Will looks like he thinks she is cramping his style!

Up close and personal with Will!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Another Baby Video

More of Willing's first few hours- enjoy!

A Foal is Born!

Inspirada foaled at 4am this morning- she gave birth to a healthy and strong little colt whom we have named "Willing", in memory of Godwilling.

Little Will is a fuzzy grayish black color (at least for now) with a crooked blaze and three white socks. He is adorable and very curious and friendly. Inspirada is a wonderful mother, very caring and protective. Little Will is eating, passing his foal manure, and starting to explore already. He is very brave and confident for such a young guy, at one point he was exploring outside in the run while his mom was inside the stall! Very courageous, Little Will!

Visit Willing's webpage here to see more baby pics!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

A busy few days

All is good at Shiloh, we have not had any emergencies or problems, which is wonderful!

We have been spending time shedding out the horses, as you walk through the different areas, you can see the blowing hair that has been left behind. You can also tell where some of the furrier horses slept during the previous night- there is loose hair spread across the ground.

We have still been moving horses around. We have many wonderful horses who are ready to start their adoption evaluations, they are coming out of pastures and going into corrals. They all need shedding, grooming, manes pulled and cleaned up- a "spring makeover". It's great to see the old winter hair coming out reveling a shiny healthy looking horse underneath. The horses love the extra attention and most love the scratchy shedding blade.

Geoff worked hard again today trimming and shoeing.

Volunteer Cheri worked hard moving horses around. She finally got Charity, Canyon, Cactus, Whiskey, and Marilyn from the "Geezer Pen" to Big Vacation Village. It took a long time to get these old guys moved, they are all older, arthritic, and slow. Right after she finally got them all moved, she left BVV to do something else- at that same moment- all five horses opened the gate, walked out and made their way all the way back to Geezer Pen! It was so funny and cute! We moved these guys out into the bigger pasture where they will move a bit more, which should help them stay more limber and where they can enjoy the trees and the soft deep sand.

A beautiful warm day today!

Sunday, March 9, 2008

The Weekend

Part of the Parelli Playround is set up! There are lots of things to challange and stimulate both horses and people- banks, tarps, things to walk on. This is going to be a lot of fun! We might just host another Parelli clinic sooner than we had planned to use it with Marc Rea and let him show us how to get the most out of it. A big thanks to everyone who helped Marc and Dave Hickey build the playground!

Navidad went to her adoptive home. The son of her adopter is a Farrier, so he will be working hard on her deformed foot to see if he can get her more comfortable.

Lots of horses got baths over the weekend. Almost every wash area was full with volunteers and wet and shedding horses!

Easy and Timber are readied to be washed...

Trashy gets clean!

Sabine held her Basic Horsemanship Class, it was a great success just like all the others have been. People really enjoy the class and learning how to take care of the horses. The next class is March 22nd. Sabine also taught some riding lessons...

Sabine's class...

Geoff worked on horses' hooves, Journey's splint was changed (leg is looking good), Hickory was given his immune shot, and all the other chores were taken care of.

Still no Inspirada baby! Sigh...

Friday, March 7, 2008


Still no Inspirada baby- she cannot go much longer though! This is the "fun" of waiting for a foal, there is no rushing it, we just have to wait, be patient, and let Nature take it's course...

Angus, a Shiloh Horse who was adopted out over a year ago, returned to Shiloh today. His adoptive family went through some changes over the past few months and they wanted to make sure they did right by Angus, so we welcomed him back to the rescue. He is SUCH a cute little horse and he looks wonderful thanks to his adoptive family and their care. He was originally rescued from the slaughter auction in UT. He was named "Angus" because his big white face reminded us all of a cute cow! Once he is re-evaluated, he will be looking for a new loving home.

Today was Hay Day, we had three (yes, three) semi truck loads delivered. We literally go through tons of hay a day. It is BY FAR our biggest expense for the rescue, especially now that hay is reaching $250 per ton!

With all the horses who have been adopted lately, we were able to move horses around today. We moved some of our Thoroughbreds out of pasture where they were being rehabbed and put them in the Duplex pens and The Corner. They will begin their evaluations for adoption. Big thanks to Cheri and Sharil who helped move the horses around.

Stetson, Laramie, and Kelso were moved from The Fear Factor pen to the Big Pasture where Stetson and Kelso enjoyed a nice gallop in their new home (see video below).

We are taking videos now of the rescue so that everyone can see what Shiloh looks like. We are planning on having panoramic videos of all our areas, such as the pastures, corrals, etc. We are currently posting them on youtube and this blog, but we are also making a page on our website. Check some of them out!

The Big Pasture

Big Vacation Village

Assisted Living

Thursday, March 6, 2008


Ever wonder what Shiloh Wanderer, Charlie does all day? Watch this and see for yourself!

We have had five horses adopted out, or put as Adoption Pending, this past week- great for Shiloh, great for the horses! We love to see Shiloh Horses move on to new loving homes where they get the attention and futures they deserve. This week Silverado, Avalon, and Lodi found new families, while Laguna and Rabbit are pending. As sad as it is to have them leave, it is for the best. Adopting out horses opens up spaces for new rescues to come in.

Some bad news as we learned the results of Gato's skin biopsy. The crusty sores she has on her shoulders, withers, sides, and back are squamous cell carcinoma, skin cancer aggravated by her UV photosensitivity. It is extremely unusual for this cancer to present itself all over the body as it is on Gato. There is no cure and not alot we can do but keep her comfortable and try to maintain her quality of life. Sadly, at some point it will progress to where we cannot keep her comfortable and she will need to be put to sleep. But, for now, we encourage visitors to stop by to say hi to her and maybe try to give her a carrot or two. Gato has been made the Shiloh Rescue Horse of the week. She is currently in Mesquite Manor with her best friend, Meadow. She will also need to wear the special UV sheets that we have ordered to protect her skin.

Some good news, we have given Godspeed free roam of the rescue while we are there. He loves to come right out of his stall and march all over the ranch. He likes to wander through the barn and visit other horses. It's nice to see him get so energized and interested in his surroundings. He loves to be groomed by volunteers and has excellent manners.

Still no Inspirada baby, Sally is going to miss all the action as she leaves for Alaska for two weeks tomorrow. Maybe a foal tonight????

The horses are all starting to shed, volunteers have been leaving the ranch covered with hair! Tufts of different colored hair are blown all over the rescue by the wind.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008


A great day today, sunny, warm, and busy!

The Farrier worked hard trimming the Shiloh horses. We have so many horses at Shiloh that it's a never ending job and Geoff comes to the rescue twice a week.

Volunteers groomed and filled water buckets. Echo Echo's castration site was tended to and he was walked all over. He is doing much better and really feeling good. Moses was also groomed and walked, he has really started to fill out, he is such a sweet old guy. Godspeed was spoiled and groomed and then moved back into the newly dried out Bungalows.

Elisa worked hard, lunging and riding some of the horses who are being evaluated for adoption. Rabbit has an adoption pending to Shiloh's neighbor, which we are happy about. If he fits into their program, he will have a new home.

Inspirada looks like she is going to burst! The baby has postitoned itself and her hindquarter muscles are really slack. Still no waxing, but we think it's going to be any time now! Jill and Sally are hoping that tonight will be the night, as Sally is leaving for Alaska on Friday and she wants the baby to be born before she leaves! Leo thinks another two days. Her stall is ready for the birth and we will all just have to wait and try to be patient... But it's hard!

Monday, March 3, 2008


Great news as Hickory was able to return home to Shiloh this morning. His blood work is still a bit off, and he is on an immune boosting medication, but, so far, he is safe and sound back at the rescue! We are still keeping a close eye on him.

A busy Monday as both Laguna and Silverado were put on adoption pendings. These are two nice Thoroughbreds and they deserve great homes of their own. Rescue is not always the best home for all horses and we like horses to move on into homes where they are loved and cared for with all the attention and spoiling they deserve.

Elisa worked hard to day riding and working with horses. Elisa has joined the Shiloh team as another rider to help us evaluate and get horses ready for new homes.

Inspirada was able to be moved back into the Bungalows, which had flooded for the millionth time this past weekend. We finally got smart and moved the water pipes to a better location. Of course, we should have done this along time ago, but then we would have missed all of the "fun" of shuffling horses around when it floods!

We changed Journey's splint, so far so good. There does not appear to be any infection and she handles the splint well, although she HATES for us to work on it!

Echo Echo is now very swollen from his castration, so we had to increase his movement. This is not easy as he has laminitic feet, but he did a little trotting today which will help. He is a good boy and likes any attention.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Hickory is doing fine! Whew!

Great news as Hickory is doing good and can most likely come home to Shiloh tomorrow! What a relief!

We are also currently working with Animal Control to take in two abandonded horses from out in Sandy Valley. We should take possesion of them on Tuesday, if all goes according to plan, and we will post more information about them when we get them to Shiloh.

Jill was out of town this weekend, a HUGE thanks to EVERYONE who helped out with all the horses, the new visitors and volunteers, and who helped Sally hold down the fort! It's a big job!

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Hickory in the vet clinic

11:30am Good news, as of this morning, Hickory is doing better, he stayed comfortable throught the night! He is passing some manure and they have lowered his IV fluids. He is still in the clinic though and they are watching him carefully.

We had decided that he was a canidate for emergency colic surgery if it came to that. Hickory is only 4 years old, otherwise healthy, and has his whole life ahead of him. Colic surgery can cost anywhere from $3500-$10,000, but usually averages around $5,000. Luckily, so far, it looks like he will recover without needing surgical intervention...

Will update again when we hear back from the vet with an update on his condition!