Thursday, August 30, 2012

Pastures at Shiloh

I took these photos this morning, enjoy!

Okay Corral looking toward Big Pasture. I love those mountains behind Shiloh...

Tommy with an Eye; Okay Corral

Yo, happy in Okay Corral...

Hoops and Ciento, Okay Corral

Big Pasture

Big Pasture

Okay Corral

- Posted by Jill Curtis from Shiloh Ranch

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Shiloh on Facebook

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Adoptable Horse: Manhattan

We have now happily put Manhattan up for adoption to a new home! He is moving soundly and being worked under saddle. He is still a bit green as before his arrival at Shiloh all he knew was the life on the track. This is a very kind hearted and friendly gelding who will make someone a fun pleasure riding horse. He gets along with other horses and loves to play. Due to his injury in 2010, he cannot be used for jumping, etc but will be just great for trail riding, arena work and pleasure riding. We will continue working with Manhattan until his new life comes along.

Adoptable Horse: Sleetwood Mac

This is such a cool big TB gelding. We just started him under saddle (he was mainly track broke)and he is doing wonderfully! Very big and strong, willing and friendly. Sleet is 15 years old, sound, healthy and fun to ride!

Adoptable Horses: Breeze

Breeze is a 17 year old Thoroughbred mare, totally sound, sane and healthy. Great on trail, goes english and western. Walk, trots and canters in the arena, ties, trailers and stands for farrier. A nice mare!

Monday, August 27, 2012

Back at the Ranch...

Things are drying out at Shiloh after last week's storms. We still have standing water and mud puddles but over all things are looking better.

Tomorrow, Tuesday, is Shiloh's vet day. It will be a busy day with lots of procedures to be done on both rescue horses and boarders...

We had a load of hay delivered early this morning...

Assisted Living eating breakfast. That is Sundance closest to the camera...

The other side of Assisted Living...

Mojo was spotted in his favorite place, eating with the Blind Girls...

Okay Corral...

Okay Corral looking towards Big Pasture...

Wander Trigger sharing hay with the Bungalows...

Yo, Okay Corral...

Okay Corral...

Okay Corral, Pablo is the Paint on the right...

- Posted by Jill Curtis from Shiloh Ranch

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Butterfly photos

Some updated photos of sweet little Butterfly who is looking for her new home. She is a 2 year and 3 month old Morab (MorganxArabian) filly who is sweet, friendly and personable. She is healthy and sound and still growing and filling out. She will make someone a great little horse!

- Posted by Jill Curtis from Shiloh Ranch

Saturday Lessons

A humid Saturday morning! A pretty quiet day with boarders out and some volunteers pitching in. A very nice day.

As I post this we have lots of loud thunder at the ranch and it smells like rain...

Thankful tacked up Sage and rode her out on trail with her mom Bonnie...

Elaine and her horse Willie shared a laugh under CityCenter. Such a cute photo!

Mike and Cooper braved the large arena in their riding lesson...

Donna and her horse Pippi also did wonderfully together and later joined Arturo and Ochocinco out in a trail ride...

- Posted by Jill Curtis from Shiloh Ranch

Thursday, August 16, 2012

The Gummies

Photos of our current Gummies- each of these horses is into their 30's and have very few remaining teeth. While they all show their advanced age, they are all still living good horse lives with herd mates, good food and care.






- Posted by Jill Curtis from Shiloh Ranch

Shiloh Horse Photos

Just some updated photos of some of the Shiloh Horses. Over the next few weeks, I am going to try to get a photo of every horse to update their webpages.


Sanctuary Horse Hawkeye

Sanctuary Horse Checkers

Sanctuary Horse Godspeed

Apache, our wild child

Sanctuary Horse Roy

Sanctuary Horse Zoolander

Sanctuary Horse Toluca

Lucky Run, she will be brought in this next month for her adoption evaluation

Older Sanctuary Horse Ciento and his pal Hoops

- Posted by Jill Curtis from Shiloh Ranch

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Riders at Shiloh

We had lots of people out riding today. I love to see the adopted rescue horses out enjoying their lives...

Antonisha and Fortune

Donna and Pippi

Sam and Iceman

Dave and Numerous, Antonisha and Fortune, Donna and Pequito and Kayley and Storm Cloud

Donna and Pippi

Sam and Iceman

Antonisha and Fortune with Rachel and Brisa

- Posted by Jill Curtis from Shiloh Ranch

Friday, August 10, 2012

Friday Morning

Photos from this morning. It is extremely hot today, it is supposed to reach 111 degrees in Sandy Valley. Now that is HOT!

That is Yo on the right, she is really coming out of her shell and spent last night and this morning wandering freely. It looks like she is now interested in maybe joining up with our wandering herd...

Okay Corral...

More Okay Corral...

Okay Corral looking toward Big Pasture...

A view of the office, CityCenter and the Barn...

Wanderers; Taquito, Tortilla and Trigger, by the Bungalows...

- Posted by Jill Curtis from Shiloh Ranch