Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Weds photos

Just a few photos from this morning...

Jimmy Dean, cooling off in his pig pool


Rider Jenna cleaning Cooper off after her riding lesson

Rider Emily with Guapo after her riding lesson

Arturo worked with Breeze

- Posted by Jill Curtis from the ranch

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Tuesday's Trail Ride

We had a trail ride today, I think this new trail program we started is really great- some of the Shiloh horses now have a bit of a job and can help bring in some funding for the all of the rescue horses. The horses seem to enjoy heading out on a nice leisurely trail ride as much as the riders do!

Heading out! Big thanks to Felipe for guiding the trail...

Rider Tom hosed Moses down on CityCenter after the ride. At Shiloh, the trail rider has to take care of their horse after they get off- there isn't any handing the horse off to someone else afterwards! After all, good horsemanship starts on the ground. Riders remove all of their own tack and wash and/or brush their horses down afterwards. A great way to end the ride!

Rider Rhonda and Guapo enjoyed their time spent together...

Trail rides are now scheduled by appointment with Jill, morning and late afternoon/early evening rides are available. $60.00 per rider. Email Jill at to schedule a ride.

Don't forget to bring carrots for your trail horse! :0)

- Posted by Jill Curtis from the ranch

Sunday, June 24, 2012

More photos from Sunday

Good news as Cognac was happily adopted today! :0)

Sally, Taquito and Dave in the shade of CityCenter

Emily on Little Dude

Javier and Skeeter

Arturo and Georgia

Kayley and Storm Cloud

- Posted by Jill Curtis from the ranch

Photos of the horses

A beautiful day...

Snafu; Big Pasture

Magic; Big Pasture

Sparrow; Big Pasture

Boone; Big Pasture

Sleetwood Mac; Big Pasture

Trace; Big Pasture

Dodge; Big Pasture

Wasabi; Big Pasture

Georgia and Arturo

- Posted by Jill Curtis from the ranch

Thursday, June 21, 2012

A hot Thursday

Another scorcher!

Okay Corral; Godspeed, Toluca, Apache

Tommy with an Eye; Okay Corral

Okay Corral

Nike; Okay Corral

Old Roy, Okay Corral

Angel in her UV wear; Okay Corral

Senior Ciento; Okay Corral

Trucker's new Magic Shoe- a regular shoe with another shoe welded on to support his leg. He seems to be doing well with it...

He now wanders freely!

Cognac and Arturo

Florecita and Ivan

Bonnie, Tanis and Zuiderzee- their Roman Riding is really coming along!

Cowboy and Thankful

Una Mas out for a walk

Katy tries to cool off!

Emily and Thankful gave Mooshu a nice cool bath

Breeze and Arturo

- Posted by Jill Curtis from the ranch

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

This sweet Mustang filly came to Shiloh through the BLM and the National Wild Horse Association. She arrived on June 15th, 2012. Although Shiloh was not taking in any horses at the time of her arrival, she really needed a place to go where she her special needs could be accomodated. So, we named her "Una Mas" which translated from Spanish means "one more". We call her Massy. Massy and her wild herd were rounded up after Massy was accidentally hit by a pick up truck when her herd was crossing the road outside of Pahrump, NV. Her hip and pelvis were injured making her a special needs resident at this time. Perhaps with time and her young age, she will recover enough to be able to find a home of her own in the future.

Lexington is looking for his new home!

ADOPTION FEE: $400.00 6/19/12 Lex is now up for adoption. He is energetic and likes to move out so he requires a more experienced rider. He doesn't really like being ridden in the arena, and although he has good manners under saddle, he does ring his tail and grind his teeth some- he much prefers to be out on trail where he stops the tail wringing and teeth grinding and just moves right on out. He is going sound, but does have some possible arthritis in either his hock or his stifle joint from his racing days- but he is nice and forward and willing and will make a really fun trail and pleasure riding horse. Lex ties, trailers and stands for the farrier.


6/19/12 Georgia returned to Shiloh last week after major changes in her adoptive home. She was well cared for and loved and returned to us in excellent condition. We will be re-evaluating her for possible re-homing or utilization in our Trail/Lesson program. More info to come!

Cognac is now up for adoption

6/19/12 Cognac is now officially up for adoption. She is moving sogundly after we allowed her racing injuries to heal by spending lots of time out in our pastures. She is still quite "tracky" and needs an experienced rider but with time and work she should settle down and make someone a very nice riding horse. She is healthy, friendly and stands for the farrier. We will continue to work with her until her new home comes along.

Thursday, June 14, 2012


Photos from this morning!

Mojo tried to blend in with Tanis and Zuidee on CityCenter...

Ivan cleaned and spray painted two road signs that Sally found...

Arturo rode OTTB Cognac fit the first time. She did excellent, is moving soundly and should be up for adoption very soon...

Cognac is a beauty!


My cart or should I say the dog cart...

Volunteer AJ groomed Locksley...

Okay Corral...

Big Pasture from Okay Corral...

- Posted by Jill Curtis on location at Shiloh Ranch using the Shiloh Horses' iPhone