Thursday, June 21, 2012

A hot Thursday

Another scorcher!

Okay Corral; Godspeed, Toluca, Apache

Tommy with an Eye; Okay Corral

Okay Corral

Nike; Okay Corral

Old Roy, Okay Corral

Angel in her UV wear; Okay Corral

Senior Ciento; Okay Corral

Trucker's new Magic Shoe- a regular shoe with another shoe welded on to support his leg. He seems to be doing well with it...

He now wanders freely!

Cognac and Arturo

Florecita and Ivan

Bonnie, Tanis and Zuiderzee- their Roman Riding is really coming along!

Cowboy and Thankful

Una Mas out for a walk

Katy tries to cool off!

Emily and Thankful gave Mooshu a nice cool bath

Breeze and Arturo

- Posted by Jill Curtis from the ranch

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