Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Tuesday's Trail Ride

We had a trail ride today, I think this new trail program we started is really great- some of the Shiloh horses now have a bit of a job and can help bring in some funding for the all of the rescue horses. The horses seem to enjoy heading out on a nice leisurely trail ride as much as the riders do!

Heading out! Big thanks to Felipe for guiding the trail...

Rider Tom hosed Moses down on CityCenter after the ride. At Shiloh, the trail rider has to take care of their horse after they get off- there isn't any handing the horse off to someone else afterwards! After all, good horsemanship starts on the ground. Riders remove all of their own tack and wash and/or brush their horses down afterwards. A great way to end the ride!

Rider Rhonda and Guapo enjoyed their time spent together...

Trail rides are now scheduled by appointment with Jill, morning and late afternoon/early evening rides are available. $60.00 per rider. Email Jill at shilohhorse@aol.com to schedule a ride.

Don't forget to bring carrots for your trail horse! :0)

- Posted by Jill Curtis from the ranch

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