Saturday, February 28, 2009

Saturday's Adventures

Well, we got two new Pot Belly Pigs at Shiloh! The bigger girl is Pigmalion and the baby is Bacon Bits. Bacon Bits lives with Jimmy Dean in the stall, but roams freely during the day.

Bacon Bits


Dave with Bacon Bits

Bacon Bits takes a nap

Tanya shares her apple with new arrival, City Slicker.

Elisa teaches horse colors using Charity. She taught colors and markings, everyone had a great time and took lots of notes.

Bucky, a Dun, shows off his coloring to the students...

Jill and Sally's long time friend, Susan, gave a talk about the horses of Mongolia. Susan teaches business development in Mongolia and created a Foundation to help Kazakh women of Mongolia earn their own livings by creating and selling their traditional handwork. This handwork is called Altai Craft and is really beautiful. Please check out their products, it's a wonderful Foundation which has truly transformed women's lives. Go to the Altai Craft Website.
Wanderer Trigger explores the Cherry Pie area...

Sandi hands out treats to the dogs- and wait, isn't that Bacon Bits chasing Coby? Only at Shiloh...

Tony was out at the rescue this morning, here he meets some Shiloh supporters...

Margarita said hi...

And Tony thanked these two generous welders who donated their services to the Shiloh horses. They were working on the Hospice corral panels. THANK YOU!

Sitka and her Magic Leg. Little Sunday, who is now a healthy 6 month old, began his weaning process today. He is doing really well and is in with his babysitter and best buddy, Crusoe in the Hospice.

Dreamchaser's Levi in his before and afters:

Levi his first day at Shiloh...

His long hoof...

Gaining weight...
Levis condition today, 13 days later. He really starting to fill out.

His trimmed hooves which help him walk much easier on his crippled foot.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Chief Update Thursday Night

Chief looks like he is doing better, although we are still not sure what happened to him.

He layed down a few times last night in his stall at the clinic, but got up by himself when it was time for the vet tech to give him his IV meds.

He is staying up, eating and drinking, and being the usual busybody he always is!

Before and Afters for the "Fab Five"

Well, it has been exactly two weeks since the Dreamchaser Horses arrived at Shiloh.

All five of the horses have settled in and made great changes in their attitudes. They are no longer depressed, but have begun to blossom and enjoy their surroundings and interaction with the volunteers. They are interested now in what is going on around them. It really makes us feel good to see them come into their own. Levi is scheduled to be gelded on March 10th, which will really improve his quality of life at the rescue and allow him more contact with other horses.

All five have gained weight- yes, it is possible in just two short weeks. The horses have been on free feed good quality grass mix hay, Alfalfa/Grass hay pellets, and we are just now starting small quantities of Equine Senior.

Check out these pics and see for your self what the correct diet can do for horses!

Tenacity, now renamed Lovely, the day she arrived at Shiloh...
Lovely this morning. Looks like a different horse.

Lovely posing for her photo...

Close up of Lovely's body condition.

Brandy, now named Sweetie, before...

Sweetie this morning...

Close up of Sweetie's body...

Sweetie's newly trimmed feet!

Dolly, now named Valentine, the day she arrived at Shiloh. Notice her depressed attitude.
Val this morning!

Val's close up...

White Cloud, the day he arrived...

White Cloud this morning.

Close up of White Cloud.

Levis before and afters coming soon! His overgrown hooves are trimmed and he is feeling frisky!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Well, it started out as a beautiful day, but then...

Chief, the Wandering Paint, has been acting a bit sore on his old fused hock, but late yesterday afternoon, he was really having a hard time. He was moved into the Mare Motel, where he spent the night. This morning, he was up and eating, but very unsteady on his hind legs. We made the decision to bring him into the clinic because he was acting so neurological. By the time we got organized and ready to get him going, he was down and could not get back up. We tried for over an hour to get him up, but his legs just could not hold him. With the vet's knowledge, we injected him with a steroid and continued to try. He tried to get up a couple of times and just could not walk the few steps to the horse trailer, so we had to roll him onto a blanket and physically drag him up the ramp and into the trailer. As everyone who was there helping can tell you, it is not easy to drag 1000 pounds of dead weight! Our arms are now 6 inches longer. But, we got him in and off to the clinic.

Once we arrived at Desert Pines, same thing, he could not get up. Finally, he rolled out of the trailer and lay flat in the clinic's parking lot area for a few hours as he was given IV steroids and his blood was drawn to be tested. Eventually, we pulled him into the stall on a blanket. Finally, he would roll onto his chest and sit correctly and after a few hours, he actually stood up. The vets don't know exactly what is wrong with him, but we are guessing that he had some kind of spinal cord injury, although nothing was ever seen and no injury site can be detected. His condition is guarded, but he is up and bright eyed and eating and drinking, but still extremely unsteady. We just have to wait and see how he progresses.

Let's all hold a good thought for Chief tonight, everyone's favorite Shiloh Wanderer...

At Shiloh, being drug into the trailer.

Lying up in the vet clinic...

Back at Shiloh:

The new horses arrived late last night. These poor guys are exhausted and beat up from their ordeal, but should all do just fine.
The Paint Stallion. He is approx 5 years of age, seems very sweet, but his legs are really cut up and swollen.
Rocky Road, the little 3 year old. Too young to have been started working on a ranch, but will make someone a great little gelding. He just needs to grow up a bit before he does any real riding.
Black Feather, the Draft Appy mare. Seems very sweet and personable.

The dark bay gelding, needs some TLC. He is still a bit stressed, but once you catch him he is fine. Probably used on a dude string, he is approx 24 years old.

The smaller QH gelding, seems sweet and well broke. We were told he was used on a dude string.

The 12 year old QH gelding, who we were told goes both english and western. We were also told he has jumped. With some weight and a make over, he will make a great riding horse. Very friendly.

Bombay, the 3 year old OTTB mare. A very nice big mare who should make an excellent horse for someone.

City Slicker, the 20 year old OTTB gelding who was used as an english lesson horse. He is very calm and quiet, but got really beat up in the trailer.
Some good news from the day, it looks like little Tattoo has an adoption pending to a new home with Mindy of Las Vegas. Tattoo will join Shiloh Horse, Tippee in his new home. Yay Tattoo!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

A Beautiful Tuesday

Don't forget to sign up for this Saturday's Happy Horse Class! Learn breeds and their uses, colors and markings , taking your horse's TPRs, and signs of Colic. Everyone is welcome!

The remaining 8 Fallon horses are arriving at Shiloh late tonight. We are excited to see them again and start to get to know them...

It was a gorgeous day out there, hot and we removed everyone's blankets. Horses were laying in the warm sun all over the pastures.

Chance sleeping in the Big Vacation Village pasture. He was snoring away...

Sally working in the barn aisle...

Echo Echo.

Capone exploring the turn out, he wandered all around and actually even trotted some...

Ciento looking great in Assisted Living. He has gained so much weight and looks like a different horse.

Elisa worked Cedar.

Lucero was feeling frisky in the Bungalows!

Go Lucero!

Vanilla gets some attention.

Sharil tried to shed her out, look at that hair! Vanilla has more hair than any horse we have ever seen, she is wooly mammoth and is only now starting to shed it out.

It took three people to work on her!

Some of Vanilla's hair...

Stretch, look how good he looks! He has really filled out...

We moved Stretch and Vanilla out into the Cuckoo's Nest Pasture. They LOVED it and caused quite a stir!

Our new washrack area's cement has been laid. It's going to be so wonderful, no more ankle deep mud...