Sunday, February 15, 2009


Sad news for us as late last night, Sanctuary horse, Allegheny had to be euthanised due to colic. Allegheny was actually at the Western Veterinary Center waiting to be used for the student testings and the Vet Conference which will be taking place this next week. All was fine, when she suddenly began to show colic signs. Dr Schur, who oversees the horses at WVC, had her transported to Desert Pines immediately, but the colic continued to get worse. Allegheny was diagnosed with a transverse colon displacement and surgery was going to be her only option. Shiloh just cannot afford a $10,000 surgery and we had to make the difficult decision to have her put down.

Allegheny was at Shiloh for four years and was always happy and healthy and enjoyed living in our Big Vacation Village pasture with her friends. She was a favorite of the WVC students and staff.

Rest in peace, Allegheny.


sandycreek said...

I am so sorry! Rest in Peace Allegheny,

Gina said...

Thank God for Shiloh and all the wonderful volunteers! Allegheny was able to live happy and loved for the last 5 1/2 years of her life. No more pain and suffering, and on to greener pastures. Bless you all at Shiloh Horse Rescue!