Saturday, February 21, 2009

The auctions!

Well, we ended up rescuing 13 horses today!

Two of the horses were taken from the Nye County (Pahrump) Animal Control auction. The Shiloh Crew, auction team #2, rescued Capone and a Palomino mare. (Since Shiloh's auction policy dictates that if there is a good person interested in a horse at an auction, then Shiloh does not bid, the horses were actually bid on by a Pahrump woman who after the auction, donated them both to Shiloh.)Capone (named by the AC) is an older Buckskin gelding who has been at the AC corrals for a few months after being dumped in the desert on the Pahrump road in very bad shape. We have kept in touch with the AC weekly for updates on his condition. We were told that if he was not bid on at the auction that he would be euthanised. We also took a Palomino mare with a badly arthritic knee. Although Shiloh was the only horse rescue in attendance, of the seven horses at the AC, all of the horses found homes with the help of several concerned Pahrump horse lovers and Shiloh supporters. Thanks to Shiloh Team #2- GREAT JOB! More info to come!


The Palomino gets into the trailer...

I will post more about these two horses once we get home and see them at Shiloh.

The Fallon Auction with Shiloh Auction Team #1 (Jill, Sally, Sharil and Elisa):

We rescued 11 horses from the Fallon sale, 9 of them will be able to be adopted to new homes eventually. Here is what we saved:

a very pretty 3 year old off the track Thoroughbred mare who is very calm and quiet,

a very thin older Thoroughbred gelding with an old racing tattoo,

a little stocky QH gelding who was used on a dude ranch,

a dark bay gelding who was stressed at the sale,

an older black Shetland pony mare,

an Appaloosa draft cross mare who is really cool with feathered legs,

a 12 year old QH ranch gelding who goes english and western,

a quiet 3 year old QH ranch gelding,

an older Thoroughbred gelding who was used as an English lesson horse,

a crippled and thin older Walker gelding,

and a 4 year old well broke Paint Stallion who we bought after the sale since he was scheduled to be shipped to slaughter on Weds. (He will be gelded ASAP!)

I will take pictures of them all tomorrow and post their prices and the total we spent. We were at the sale for 10 hours and are heading to bed now. We will be trailering 4 of the horses home to Shiloh in the morning and the rest will be hauled to Shiloh in a few days.

A good day for us... Thank you to all our supporters out there!


ChicasMom said...
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ChicasMom said...

Well Done Ladies!Bless you for your tenacity, patience, great eye and being in the right place at the right time...two buying crews!Wonderful strategy.

I can't wait to see the rest of the newbies!So far they are looking good.Capone will look so hansome after he gets the Shiloh love touch!

Hope you got a good rest.Drive home safely.

You definitely got alot of great sounding horses for the money!

Found art blog said...

You got a Shetland Pony???!! I love those guys!!!
Excellent work, people!!

Frances said...

sounds like you had a good time! cant wait to see the pics!

Mikey said...

Good job Shiloh!! I'm so excited to see the pictures, I have been checking constantly to see what you got :)

arrie said...

Way to go Shiloh!! Can't wait to see the pics of the horses!! God Bless you all!! Come home safely.

Eric Clayton said...

Awesome guys! Can't wait to see them and welcome them to their new home. :)

Rach-H. said...

YAY Shiloh! Good job guys, I can't wait to see all the newbies!

Leah said...

Thank you! Thank you!! Thank you!!!
You ladies are so appreciated for all you do for these amazing animals.
Your pictures make everything so much more real and add a great personal touch.
Keep up the fabulous work!

Anonymous said...

Hi, I am a new fan of your blog. Hope you can join my free horse lovers club It is very active now.

Mom said...

How beautiful! So glad to read about more horses being saved and coming to Shiloh. May God bless you all.