Thursday, February 26, 2009

Chief Update Thursday Night

Chief looks like he is doing better, although we are still not sure what happened to him.

He layed down a few times last night in his stall at the clinic, but got up by himself when it was time for the vet tech to give him his IV meds.

He is staying up, eating and drinking, and being the usual busybody he always is!


Mikey said...

Will keep fingers crossed he's fine!

ChicasMom said...

Praise the Lord for answered prayer for this fellow.Hope the vets find the problem. He is still in my prayers.

Found art blog said...

Oh FABOOOO!!! Good for Chiefy!!

dvm2012 said...

fingers crossed! Looking down at some olderposts there was one about a very hairy white mare. Looks like classic cushings both with the abnormal hair and redistribution of body fat. how old is she?