Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Well, it started out as a beautiful day, but then...

Chief, the Wandering Paint, has been acting a bit sore on his old fused hock, but late yesterday afternoon, he was really having a hard time. He was moved into the Mare Motel, where he spent the night. This morning, he was up and eating, but very unsteady on his hind legs. We made the decision to bring him into the clinic because he was acting so neurological. By the time we got organized and ready to get him going, he was down and could not get back up. We tried for over an hour to get him up, but his legs just could not hold him. With the vet's knowledge, we injected him with a steroid and continued to try. He tried to get up a couple of times and just could not walk the few steps to the horse trailer, so we had to roll him onto a blanket and physically drag him up the ramp and into the trailer. As everyone who was there helping can tell you, it is not easy to drag 1000 pounds of dead weight! Our arms are now 6 inches longer. But, we got him in and off to the clinic.

Once we arrived at Desert Pines, same thing, he could not get up. Finally, he rolled out of the trailer and lay flat in the clinic's parking lot area for a few hours as he was given IV steroids and his blood was drawn to be tested. Eventually, we pulled him into the stall on a blanket. Finally, he would roll onto his chest and sit correctly and after a few hours, he actually stood up. The vets don't know exactly what is wrong with him, but we are guessing that he had some kind of spinal cord injury, although nothing was ever seen and no injury site can be detected. His condition is guarded, but he is up and bright eyed and eating and drinking, but still extremely unsteady. We just have to wait and see how he progresses.

Let's all hold a good thought for Chief tonight, everyone's favorite Shiloh Wanderer...

At Shiloh, being drug into the trailer.

Lying up in the vet clinic...

Back at Shiloh:

The new horses arrived late last night. These poor guys are exhausted and beat up from their ordeal, but should all do just fine.
The Paint Stallion. He is approx 5 years of age, seems very sweet, but his legs are really cut up and swollen.
Rocky Road, the little 3 year old. Too young to have been started working on a ranch, but will make someone a great little gelding. He just needs to grow up a bit before he does any real riding.
Black Feather, the Draft Appy mare. Seems very sweet and personable.

The dark bay gelding, needs some TLC. He is still a bit stressed, but once you catch him he is fine. Probably used on a dude string, he is approx 24 years old.

The smaller QH gelding, seems sweet and well broke. We were told he was used on a dude string.

The 12 year old QH gelding, who we were told goes both english and western. We were also told he has jumped. With some weight and a make over, he will make a great riding horse. Very friendly.

Bombay, the 3 year old OTTB mare. A very nice big mare who should make an excellent horse for someone.

City Slicker, the 20 year old OTTB gelding who was used as an english lesson horse. He is very calm and quiet, but got really beat up in the trailer.
Some good news from the day, it looks like little Tattoo has an adoption pending to a new home with Mindy of Las Vegas. Tattoo will join Shiloh Horse, Tippee in his new home. Yay Tattoo!


the 4 D's said...

Thinking positive for Chief! he is in our prayers!
the Hickeys

Mikey said...

We'll keep Chief in our prayers. Poor old guy!
The new horses are going to look brand new in no time. I'm so excited for them!

Eric Clayton said...

Chief is of course in my thoughts. One of my favorites indeed.

On a happier note, I am very happy for Tattoo and will be crossing my fingers it all goes through. :)

ChicasMom said...

What a day for Shiloh! Chief you are in my prayers for a full, speedy and complete recovery! Tatoo congratulations on your pending adoption. The newbies in spite of being banged up look wonderful.In a short time they will look like different horses.Well chosen animals Ladies!
Bless you for all that you do for these unfortunates.They have found a home at last.

Rach-H. said...

Oh no, poor Chief. He was definately the first horse I fell in love with out there. I hope he gets better soon!

Found art blog said...

Big hugs to Chiefy. Glad to hear he's still bright eyed and eating... that's always good!

spoiledrottensavvy said...

Thinking about Chief on this beautiful Thursday.
Will also have to give the new kids in town some TLC when we come up tomorrow...
And so happy for Tattoo! He is such a sweet, playful guy and will make a wonderful addition to his new home!