Sunday, February 15, 2009

Something to lift our hearts

Huge thanks to everyone who is supporting the fight for the Dreamchaser's horses- let's keep up the pressure! Click here to find out how to help these horses in need!

I thought we could use some good news to lift our spirits after the awful past few days:

Dawson in his adoptive home! Nothing like being spoiled by two horse crazy girls! What a lucky guy!
Elvis, now renamed Comet, with his new owners. I would say he looks very content and proud in his new family...

A lucky pony! The following letter was from "Elvis Comet's" family:

Dear Shiloh,

We wanted to share with you some pictures of Elvis in his new home. We have changed his name to Comet now (Haeley's Comet), and my daughters worship the sawdust this pony walks on! He is an absolute sweetheart and is learning more and more everyday. We are SO grateful to you for saving him at the auction in Pennsylvania, and to our trainer, Esther, for recommending that we look at Shiloh first for a pony. We have received a gift of years and years of happiness and love with our new pony, Comet. Thank you!

Your friends,

The Deeney Family

These pictures help me remember that, although rescue can be difficult, frustrating, and at times, very unfair- that there are wonderfully loving people out there willing to give a rescue horse a chance. Thank you to ALL of our adopters, my heart is a bit lighter this afternoon.

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Mom said...

I wish you continued love and strength. The pictures you posted today give us all hope. Thank you.