Saturday, February 28, 2009

Saturday's Adventures

Well, we got two new Pot Belly Pigs at Shiloh! The bigger girl is Pigmalion and the baby is Bacon Bits. Bacon Bits lives with Jimmy Dean in the stall, but roams freely during the day.

Bacon Bits


Dave with Bacon Bits

Bacon Bits takes a nap

Tanya shares her apple with new arrival, City Slicker.

Elisa teaches horse colors using Charity. She taught colors and markings, everyone had a great time and took lots of notes.

Bucky, a Dun, shows off his coloring to the students...

Jill and Sally's long time friend, Susan, gave a talk about the horses of Mongolia. Susan teaches business development in Mongolia and created a Foundation to help Kazakh women of Mongolia earn their own livings by creating and selling their traditional handwork. This handwork is called Altai Craft and is really beautiful. Please check out their products, it's a wonderful Foundation which has truly transformed women's lives. Go to the Altai Craft Website.
Wanderer Trigger explores the Cherry Pie area...

Sandi hands out treats to the dogs- and wait, isn't that Bacon Bits chasing Coby? Only at Shiloh...

Tony was out at the rescue this morning, here he meets some Shiloh supporters...

Margarita said hi...

And Tony thanked these two generous welders who donated their services to the Shiloh horses. They were working on the Hospice corral panels. THANK YOU!

Sitka and her Magic Leg. Little Sunday, who is now a healthy 6 month old, began his weaning process today. He is doing really well and is in with his babysitter and best buddy, Crusoe in the Hospice.

Dreamchaser's Levi in his before and afters:

Levi his first day at Shiloh...

His long hoof...

Gaining weight...
Levis condition today, 13 days later. He really starting to fill out.

His trimmed hooves which help him walk much easier on his crippled foot.


ChicasMom said...

What a fun and awesome day at Shiloh!Wish I could have attended the classes Elisa gave.If only I didn't live in Yuma cute pics of the new pot belly Bacon Bits chasing the dog..too cute.Levi is looking good!Everyone looks fantastic, including Mr Tony!God bless the volunteer welders!
Keep up the great work EVERYONE!

Mom said...

How beautiful to see Sitka with her Magic Leg and Levi beginning to look and feel better. Nice to see Tony enjoying the great weather, too. Thank you for all you do.

Cheri said...

Just got to say the class was Great!So informative and loved the hands on part. Want to say thanks again to Susan for the beautiful
artwork we were able to buy and for a good cause. I highly reccommend going to her website. Its
for a great cause and the handwork
is exquisite.
So good to see everyone again too!

Found art blog said...

Good to see Sitka up and about on her new leg!!! And Tony too!
Hugs to all!