Saturday, February 7, 2009


Not too much to report today, it was raining at the ranch and all was quiet. Living in the desert, we do need the rain and it's always nice after a storm as all of the shelters and buildings are washed clean of dust and dirt.

We put some of the blankets back onto the old and special needs horses. We enjoyed a nice warm spell over the last few weeks and everyone was able to go blanketless. But, the rain and cold was back, so some of the blankets went back on.

Jill, Elisa, and Stephanie introduced Broadway to a cross rail (a small jump). She stayed relaxed and quiet and willing. Next week we will continue with her. Broadway is a very nice little mare who really will make someone a very nice versatile mare.

Stephanie and Broadway...

Stephanie and Cheyenne... Stephanie is a very good rider and a real asset to our riding team. She is fitting right into our evaluation program.

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