Thursday, February 19, 2009

This was too cute to miss!

Check out Dremachaser Horse, Levi checking out Cochise. Look at his little face, it's too cute! (By the way, Levi will be gelded in a few weeks...)


Amy said...

Good luck at Fallon. My thoughts are with you guys. and thank you so much.

ChicasMom said...

A darling picture!The little guy checking out the big guy.Levi is feeling better checking out his surroundings!Way to go Shiloh!

I can't wait to see all the newbies from Fallon.Be safe and thank you for your stamina, courage in taking a stand & more importantly making a difference!!!

Take care

the 4 D's said...

Hmmmmmm!!!! Cochise looks like he lost weight !!!! He must be on weight watchers or sharli really worked him sence we left today.
We love ya Cochise & sharil

Sharil said...

Lost weight? OMG, I wish but its the angle of the picture!! but as everyone knows I always say " He is big boned" hahaha