Tuesday, June 19, 2012

This sweet Mustang filly came to Shiloh through the BLM and the National Wild Horse Association. She arrived on June 15th, 2012. Although Shiloh was not taking in any horses at the time of her arrival, she really needed a place to go where she her special needs could be accomodated. So, we named her "Una Mas" which translated from Spanish means "one more". We call her Massy. Massy and her wild herd were rounded up after Massy was accidentally hit by a pick up truck when her herd was crossing the road outside of Pahrump, NV. Her hip and pelvis were injured making her a special needs resident at this time. Perhaps with time and her young age, she will recover enough to be able to find a home of her own in the future.

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MichelleL said...

Massy is so cute! What a sweet face. I am glad she came to you Jill, she now has a really great chance for a wonderful life.