Friday, March 5, 2010

A Busy Friday

A great day today- the weather was beautiful and the puddles are drying up. All the horses were enjoying the sun and everyone is starting to shed out their winter coats.

We said good bye to Bombay, who is headed to her new home in Wyoming. She is in for a big culture shock after the NV desert- but we could not be happier that this nice mare has a new home and bright future...

We moved yearlings, Marley and Fame, into the Brat Pack in the Bungalows. There they join our other yearlings- we love to see the little ones hanging out, playing and learning how to act like horses. It's good for the young horses to be able to enjoy their youth growing up in a herd...

It might have been a beautiful day- but Chia didn't think so!

We also moved the two pregnant mares, Vortex and Pippi Longstockings, into the Bungalow area. This is where our foals are born. It is a large outdoor pen with a private indoor stall for foaling. Of course, the mares will be separated when it's foaling time, but for now, they can enjoy each other's company.

A cute photo of Eagle enjoying some carrots and kind words from volunteer Gary.

Volunteer Helga moved Peso into a Duplex...

Where he met his new friend and corral mate, Providence. Provie is the horse with the trach. He is still thin from his growth in his throat, but we are hoping that, since he no longer has to work hard to breathe, the trach will now enable him to help him gain some weight. He is actually doing very well with it and it is easy to take in and out. We are making sure that everyone who comes to Shiloh on a regular basis learns how to change it out- once they get over what it looks like, it's very easy.

All cleaned and looking good.

Cocktail looks great- she is such a nice mare. I am working on her adoption video this weekend. She really will make someone a great riding horse.

Some of the horses in Okay Corral- that's Seemore, Kite, Stretch and Vanilla.

The Mega Pasture eating breakfast.
Snafu and Thistle taking a nap in the warm sand in the Mega Pasture.

The Mega Pasture.

These are the horses who were flooded out of the Mare Motel. That's Lobo, Pokie Dot, Una and Apache. They are spending a few more days in the turn out as their corrals dry up.

Sweet Sully in The Saloon.
Elisa actually hopped on Sully today- he is such a good guy! He was a camp horse and is very well broke. He will make an excellent family or first horse. He walks, trots and canters and loves attention and spoiling.

Hawkeye in the Saloon. He is looking better also- he has gained weight and has settled in.

Gentry, the Saddlebred. He has also really settled in and even stopped cribbing so much (he cribbed from stress and was treated for stomach ulcers after he arrived at Shiloh). With some work and time, he will make a special horse for someone.

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Elaine said...

I hate to see Bombay go, she is one of Ben and my a favorites. But Wow wide and wonderful Wyoming she should love it. A happy ending for a great horse. Love the pics see you this weekend.