Monday, November 30, 2009

Lots of Photos!

Reminder- Shiloh will be closed to all Visitors and Volunteers from December 1st until December 8th- thank you!

It's time for the December Feed Fairies! We absolutely cannot thank all of our Feed Fairies enough, $10.00 really does go a long way to helping with our senior horses. How can you become a December Feed Fairy?

Some super great news- Crusoe now has a pending adoption! A wonderful woman came out to Shiloh yesterday to meet him and it was a great match. Crusoe is scheduled to leave Shiloh for his new home and life on Saturday. Crusoe is a favorite of many of our volunteers and, as sad as it will be to see him go, we are all very happy he has finally found his new home.

Lindsey Loham is doing good and will return to Shiloh in the morning. She will have to live in our big horse trailer for a few weeks, that way we can keep her protected and keep her wounds very clean. She has her igloo and lots of warm blankets to snuggle in so she should be happy.

I took lots of photos today, it was a beautiful day.

Kelso, looking good in Mesquite Manor.

Jimmy Dean sat in the sun in Stardust's outdoor run. Stardust is moving around a bit better and is still eating and drinking great. But, she is still showing neurological signs and we are still watching her very closely.
Mendoza dozed in his outdoor run. He has a great view of all of the Shiloh action from here.
New Arrival, Intrepid is gaining weight and looking much better. All the new guys are still in Isolation until mid December.

Youngster, Resolute is also gaining weight. The New Arrivals all enjoy spending time in the Isolation turnout.

Longfellow, looking better!

Even Veteran, the thinnest of the group, has added weight.
Here is Veteran's condition upon his arrival.

His condition today, just two weeks later. He is slowly filling out.

Big guy, New York is looking great.

Manhattan, what a cutie.

Back on the other side of the ranch, Kerkorian eats his Equine Senior while Wanderer Concho watches.
We have moved Sweetie and her best friend, Ciento, into a Duplex. Sweetie's crippled leg is bothering her more with the cold. We wanted to keep her close and watch her. All of the old and compromised horses, like Sweetie, are blanketed at night.

The Blind Girls.
Sanctuary horse, Navajo and his tongue. He is almost blind and has very few teeth left which makes his tongue sticks out sometimes. He is a sweet old guy and still enjoys his life of leisure.
Wanderer Charlie looking for some action.
Granite stood quietly in the stock so his castration site could be cleaned. He is such a neat horse.

Sparrow and Storm Cloud in the Big Pasture.

Pequito was moved out into the Big Pasture this morning- he loved it! He was off, galloping and playing with the other geldings all morning.

Margarita chased Sally's feed cart.

Harmony and Moonshine spent time in the turn out.
We moved Assisted Living horses, Freedom and Celebrate into the new feeding pasture. They have been feeling so good lately that they were starting to chase the other older horses!
A view of the Feeding Pasture- which we haven't named yet.


PattiKnowles said...

I am so happy that Patty has an adoption pending for Crusoe, that mean all the time I have spent with that great little guy has paid off for him, as sad as I am to see him go I am just as happy to know he has a forever family. Also, Patty invited me to visit him any time I am in the area.
NOW who is my next project!

Shiloh Horse Rescue and Sanctuary said...

I know, Crusoe's Patty told me how happy she was she got to talk with you about Crusoe, she said she wanted to adopt you too!

Looks like Baby Spice is your next project, you guys do so well together. :0)

Patti, you absolutely helped Crusoe find his new life and future, you have spent so much time with him and taught him so much. You should be proud! Sally and I are proud of both of you...

the 4 D's said...

I will agree with jill and sally Patty has done a great great job and has learned so much her self on her own ,It is a wonderful feeling to have a horse that you have been working with to get a new home .I know im having second thoughts about lil wil , hes a Great horse as well as lucy