Sunday, November 29, 2009

Lindsey Loham News

Those of you who read our blog regularly know that a few weeks ago Lindsey was attacked at night and her one ear had to amputated. We thought it was the loose Pit Bulls that had already attacked a dog on the ranch next door two days before. We were told that the Animal Control picked up the Pit Bulls, and we don't know what they did with them.

But, two nights ago, Lindsey escaped from her pen in the Pig Palace (she is very difficult to lock up) and something attacked her again over by the Mare Motel/Hospice area. Her other ear was torn off and we had her rushed into the vet clinic. Her head was cleaned and dressed and she came back home to Shiloh and back into her reinforced pen. We have been keeping a very close eye on her and she is on medication and antibiodics.

But, today, when her bandage was removed for cleaning, we became very concerned by her wound and her behavior. So, she is being taken back into the clinic right now.

We will be discussing her with our vets and deciding what we can do for her, if anything. We cannot have her suffering and we may have to make a difficult decision.

We have no idea what attacked her- we are thinking possibly Coyotes. The other pigs all stay close to the Pig Palace or inside the barn stalls at night. Lindsey is a loner and prefers to sleep out in the open.

I will update as soon as I speak to the vet again.

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