Monday, November 2, 2009

A New Arrival and Adoptions

Even with all of the weekend's activities we still had a new arrival and two horses were adopted!

This is Granite, our newset arrival. He is a stallion who had been taken into the custody of Animal Control after his owners abandonded him at a house when they moved out. He eventually broke out of his corral and went over to a neighbor's house. He is very sweet with excellent manners. He is scheduled to be gelded in mid November at Shiloh. Welcome Granite!

More good news as Kerkorian finally found his new family and his adoption was finalized today! He joins another Shiloh horse, Tinman (who had been just recently returned to Shiloh from his adoptive home), in his new family in Pahrump, NV. A great home for both of these special horses!

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spoiledrottensavvy said...

I am so, so, SO happy for Kerkorian (and Tin Man!) He is such a special horse, and will always mean a great deal to me. I hope he is spoiled rotten by all those girls for the rest of his life, he has earned it!