Saturday, November 28, 2009

Adopted horse UPDATES- Woody and Bonanza

Shiloh received this very nice message on our My Space page from Woody's Adopters:

"Hi everyone at Shiloh.

I am so happy I came there to adopt a horse from you guys. Woody is now known as Whiskey and doing great. We put the bit in his mouth for the first time 2 days ago and he is doing well. He is feeling very spunky and does try to push you a lil but it doesn't last long. He loves playing with my mom's horse Koda. He is totally different then when we first got him. There is also no issues with his back legs as we give him plenty of exercise. He does spook at lil things and doesn't care for the trailer, but we have been spending a lot of time on that and if you do it he will do it.

He is such a lovable horse. I am glad I chose him. If anyone has any doubts about what you guys do, they should should look at all of us who have adopted. You guys give good horses a second chance and Whiskey fills my heart up with joy.

My poor horse Tessa actually was diagnosed with Side bone and is starting to show signs of lameness. At the beginning of next year I will be looking for another horse that I can ride together with my boyfriend and Whiskey. I will definitely come out there to find her. My Tessa was a personal rescue I took from a bad owner. I want to give another horse like her a second chance at a good life. So watch for me I will be back there. Thank you so much for everything."

(Woody and one of his Adopters.)

We received this about Bonanza, who left for his new home last weekend:

"Bonanza has been great to work with. Sydney and I are both riding him and he's picking up so quickly. We're still working on basics of course and I think he's a perfect horse for her. She's very happy with him. In fact, she cleaned the corral for the first time ever because that was the deal if she wants to keep him. Otherwise he becomes my horse. Anyway, just wanted to thank you for your help!"

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