Thursday, April 2, 2009

Vet Day at Shiloh 3/1/09

Wednesday was vet day and we had a full day scheduled with lots to do.

Before we get started, some sad news as we had to make the difficult decision to have Gummie Pen member, Chatty, euthanised. His cancer had begun to spread and was affecting his quality of life. We decided to let him go with dignity, before his condition deteriorated any more. We put him to sleep standing next to his best friend, Heavenly. Chatty was eating Equine Senior from our hand when he passed and still had it in his mouth when he left us. Chatty was with us for over two years and he was a real character. He enjoyed a good life at Shiloh and he will be missed. In the blink of an eye, his spirit flew right up to the Greener Pastures on the gusty winds. Rest in peace Chatty.

Talking of the gusty winds- look at Schwartz- he looks like he is ready to set sail! As soon as the vet arrived, the winds picked up- it was crazy out there!

On to the Vet Day:

Iceman was gelded. To read more about his first vet experience, check out his blog!

Wasabi was also gelded, here he enjoys some strong sedation...

He's out!

The guys had to hold up wood as wind blocks so Dr. Schur could work.

Say bye bye, Wasabi!

Next up the brain surgery- Levi!

Sleeping. This is the quietest he has been since he arrived at Shiloh!

His procedure.

Then it was Domingo's turn.
He does not look happy.

Say good night, Domingo!
He had his wolf teeth removed...

Dr. Schur then checked over Ketchum. Here she checks his eyesight, which is good. We had his cancerous growths on his sheath and rectum checked. He will have to go into the clinic to have them removed. We have had to have his cancer removed a few times since he was rescued three years ago. This time his cancer is worse, so it's a bigger procedure for him. We will try to get him to the clinic next week.

Tumbleweed was checked over. There is bad news on her condition. Her chest cavity is filled with fluid, Dr. Schur is not sure why, but that can be caused by a growth like cancer. For now, she is happy and content and we are going to give her a quality of life for the time she has remaining. She now wanders freely during the day when we are at the rescue. She loves to explore and today she spent time dozing in the sun in the pig area. Let's all spend some extra time with this sweet horse, let her know how loved she is.

Trigger and Jimmy Dean watched all of the action...

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the 4 D's said...

Well Chatty I will miss you ,we had some good times trying to get you to the cube feeders and try to get away from the other guys .We both were pushed around but we made it .Take care big guy