Wednesday, April 15, 2009


A weird day today- it was snowing in the pass this morning and again this afternoon! It didn't stick on the ground, but it was pretty heavy. Cold and windy at the ranch.

Our Farrier was there working on some of the horses. With so many horses in the rescue, our Farrier comes at least once a week.

When we arrived this morning, Will was in the round pen as he had been showing some colic signs. We treated him with Banamine and he seemed better, but we kept a close eye on him all day. We also have been watching Dude closely. Ever since he coliced a few weeks ago, he just hasn't seemed himself. We know he has some sand, which we have been treating him for, but he's just not the same little guy he was. We don't know if he has some underlying medical issue. So after thinking and watching both horses throughout the day, we decided to bring Dude and Will into Desert Pines to be checked. It's just not worth waiting, we are too far out, and it's always better to be safe than sorry. If all is well, they will return to Shiloh in a day or so.

UPDATE: I just got off of the phone with Dr. Dorenkamp, who said that Will looks great and is hungry. So looks like that was just a gas colic. Dude has another impaction, so he is being treated. We are not sure if he has a gut motility problem, a stone, or he just can't digest the hay properly, but we will try to figure out just what is going on with him.

The vets decided to sew Pecos' eye shut instead of having it taken out. Hopefully that will keep him comfortable and save us the expense of having it removed. He should be able to return home in a few days as well...

Here are some pictures from today:

Bombay, Cheyenne, and Convoy in the turn out.

Cher eats some donated tomatoes and Bell Peppers. Thanks Trader Joes!

Tanis lays in the sun...

Sanctuary horse, Tulsa in Big Vacation Village.

Chief in his ICU unit while Charlie visits...

Who is Shiloh's newset power couple?

It's Jimmy Dean and Bacon Bits!

Recently castrated Wasabi is now in the Medical Area. He is happy to be in the middle of the activity.

Gummie member, Priceless gets a drink...

New Gummie Pen member, City Slicker checks out the feeder. He fit right in and should gain a healthy weight in no time...

Look who found his way into the Gummie Pen and tried to blend in- Charlie! As if we would not notice him in there!


the 4 D's said...

O No, Sunday will miss his friend Will. Maybe he and Apache will make friends now that Will is not right there by his side. Apache needs a friend :0) Jill and Sally, the Rescue is looking SO Good!!! The horses are all so happy and healthy as well as the pigs. Love the photo of J. Dean and Baco~Bits.
See you Saturday, YaY!

the 4 D's said...

Chief looks so good, can't wait to see him!!! I will have to reunite he & Sunday.

Kats_Kritters said...

I love the new medical stalls- they look great! And I'm so glad that Chief is back. =)