Sunday, April 5, 2009

Our response

Of course, we are all angry at the ridiculous accusations. But, Shiloh's work stands for itself. We have wonderful support from our community and super volunteers.

Here are some of the photos in question, the very ones the Pahrump Valley Times claimed we photo shopped. They should be ashamed of themselves. I have never used Photoshop, I don't even know how to use it, and have no reason to use it. All my photos and videos are taken on my Flip video camera, all untouched and original.

Or was it this video that we supposedly altered?

Let's stop the insanity and not bring ourselves down to their level. All of us at Shiloh are better than that. We don't have to "compete" with another rescue for funding, nor do we have to "take" horses from another rescue. We have 140 horses in the rescue right now and have all of the work we need.

Let's just think about the five horses for a minute and about how well they are doing now. They are the important part of this story.

Levi has been gelded, has gained tons of weight and is now healthy. Once his hormones stop racing, he will be able to join a group and have a good horse life. Sweetie is fat and loves attention and is now out in our newest big pasture with her friends Lovely and Valentine. Lovely, although still very neurological in her hindend, has filled out and gained strength so that she can walk better and interact with other horses. Val, who is always very quiet, loves to be shedded out and groomed and her back is much less sore than when she arrived. And of course, Cloud, who now lives with his best friend, Navajo, was seen the other day bucking high in the air as he chased the goats out of his Duplex!

Please come on out to Shiloh to meet the Fab Five in person, we would love to show you around!

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Mrs Mom said...

It is very very sad that all that effort has been put into doing ineffectual "damage control" to the reputation of Dream Chasers, when just think how much GOOD it could have done, had it been directed towards fund raising, or actual CARE of the animals there.

Understanding what drives some people is quite beyond me. But it sure is heartwarming to see such excellent care given to all the animals at Shiloh!