Sunday, April 26, 2009

Another Big Day Out for Traveler in Budapest!

Up bright and early again, another busy and history filled day ahead!
This is the Vienna Gate in Obuda. This gate, which was in the walls of the Buda Castle fortress, guarded the road to Vienna.
From up on top of the Gate, you can see the ancient walls.

Next stop, Margaret Island. Margaret Island is in the middle of the Danube, not far from Obuda. It's a beautiful green park now. We decided to explore on bikes. This is a two seater bike that Jill, Sally and I shared.

We headed off down the road...

It is so green and beautiful here!

Here are some ruins of a 13th Convent. This was the home to Saint Margaret (1242-1270), for whom the island is named. Her father, King Bela IV, placed her into the convent at the age of Nine. She lived here until her death.
She must have been sad to live here even though it is so beautiful and peaceful now.

For more history, we headed to Aquinicum, the ancient Roman Settlement from 1 A.D. Aquinicum (in what is now Budapest) was at the north-east frontier of the Empire.

Look at the ancient foundations!

They had shops, homes, baths- everything you would need to live. An estimated 50,000 people lived in this settlement.

Sally and I explored together...

I stopped for a short break to munch on a dandilion...

Later in the afternoon, Tony and I sat on a terrace for a beer. Tony sketched the city below while I danced to some traditional Hungarian music.

What a great day, I love Budapest!

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