Thursday, April 30, 2009

Weds- we are back!

Our first day back at Shiloh after our trip to Hungary. Although we had a wonderful time, we always miss the animals and are always glad to come home. Felipe, who was in charge while we were gone, and the volunteers who pitched in to help him all did a wonderful job of taking care of everything. The ranch looks neat and clean and all the horses are happy and well cared for. Thank you!

Back to business:

Big thanks to Larry Bowles who donated this flag and flag pole on behalf of all the Veterans out there. We are proud to fly our flag at the ranch.

Lovely looking sleek eating her breakfast with new best friend, Ciento...

Sally spends some time with Chief in the ICU unit. Although he does stay standing, he does spend some time lying down, or sitting like this. He has to wear his leg splint for support and is still on steroids. We just don't know if he is going to get better. We are all pulling for him, but only time will tell if he will recover to where he will have a quality of life...

Levi kicks up his heels in the turn out. His brain surgery worked- he is much quieter and can now be turned out with other geldings to play. He really is a cute little guy.

Bacon Bits and Pigmalian enjoy water from a dumped over bucket in the barn aisle. It was hot out at Shiloh, looks like Summer is here!

Mancado, who recently returned to Shiloh, under saddle with Elisa. Mancado is such a nice big gelding. He is being re-evaluated for adoption to another loving home.

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the 4 D's said...

Welcome Home! We missed YoU!
the Hickeys