Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Just a quick update on today's events...

It was a quiet day today. Volunteer Tonya checked over everyone and helped us fill the water buckets. She also did wound care on Chico and Sweeney Todd, who are both recovering nicely.

Jill and Sally left early to trailer Pawnee to her new home today in Las Vegas. We are very happy she has found a future with her new owner!

Jill and Sally will be attending an auction this Saturday night in CA to save more horses from slaughter. Although it is ILLEGAL to sell or buy horses for slaughter in CA, the killers have found ways around the law. The "Dealer" buys the horses at the CA auctions, usually storing them on his feedlot for a week or so, and then trailers them out to another state where it is legal to sell horses for slaughter. The horses are then bought by the Killers (usually arranged with the dealer) and are shipped down to El Paso where they cross the border into Juarez, Mexico. Absolutely disgusting. Off the track TBs can be bought at the CA auctions for as little as $100.00, many still wearing their racing plates. We are planning on saving at least 4 horses using Shiloh's Slaughter Fund. One hundred percent of the donations in this Fund go to directly toward paying the auction bill and we always give a full accounting of the prices after the sale. See more information about Shiloh's Slaughter Fund here!

If all goes as planned, the horses will be at Shiloh Sunday evening. Visitors are more than welcome to come on out to see the new horses and volunteers can help us get them cleaned up and used to kind hands.

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Sundancer said...

It's a sad thing to see...but THANK YOU for your efforts at the auction! Please be sure to update us!