Wednesday, May 21, 2008

A Windy Weds!

The wind was incredible out at the ranch today. Geoff, the shoer, could only work on Pongo's abscessed feet. It was just too windy to do anyone else. Jill and Sally are heading to CA tomorrow morning to pick up Charmin, Slewus, Larceny, and Six from the auction yard.

I thought I would post some more former Shiloh Horse updates. Adopters- please email me pics of your Shiloh Horse. (I lost some in my stolen laptop!)

Skittle, the mini who was rescued from the New Holland Sale in PA, and her new owner! A perfect match, in size as well as cuteness!

Buck, now named Oscar, an Off the track Thoroughbred, who was also rescued from the New Holland Sale. Buck was bought by Shiloh directly from the Killer. Look at him now! He is in training with his new owner to become a Search and Rescue Horse in CA.

Shiloh Horse, Borrego (from Animal Control) and Eric's Mustang, Gus, in one of the turnouts

Shiloh Horse, Junior, who now lives in Washington State- lucky horse, look at that green grass!

I couldn't resist sharing this picture of Margarita taken by Eric. She was laying in the shade in the Boarder Area.
This is the best! Eric captures the funniest photos!

Below are some more pics taken by Sharil who also takes great photos.

Kitten in the feedroom.
Ranch dog, Sarge, napping in the shade of the statue.

The pig, Oscar Meyer, in the trash.


Cheri said...

What great Pix! Eric, your my space is awesome, I cried thru the whole thing.. There is justice as the insurance is covering the scum bags! Whoops, I shouldn't have said that..
Hope the trip to Cal is uneventful,
the new ones look like a great addition, And thanks Tonya for stepping up when things were down.
You are a savior!

Mrs Mom said...

Fantastic pics! Its great to see horses from New Holland getting a second chance. I used to try and pick up a few from Unadilla when I lived in Tundra Country to try and find them a forever home too...

LOVE the pic of your laid out long ears! Donkeys just RULE, and to see the expression on her face is priceless!

Thanks for all you do for the animals- right down to your trainsient pig!