Friday, May 23, 2008

What Weird Weather!

The weather was crazy today at the rescue. Cold and windy, then warmer, then cold again, and thunderstorms and rain. Of course, we want the rain, it will clean all of the dust off of everything from the winds we have been having. Funny how just a few days ago, it was 108 degrees at Shiloh and we were burning up. Today we had multiple layers on, coats, and our hands were like ice. Listen to the wind on the video below.

All the horses were feeling frisky, bucking and playing around when the wind kicked up. But, it was hard to get much done. We settled for doing the usual, filling water buckets, feeding, keeping an eye on wounds, checking everyone over. Elisa had to eventually give up riding, the wind was just too strong.

Apache had escaped from the Bungalows and it's attached turn out. She was galloping all over kicking up her heels in the wind and making all the other Bungalow horses crazy. Finally, we were able to usher her back in. The horses all had a great time with that, especially Will and Godspeed, who became the ringleaders of a new escape attempt...

I tried to get some good pics of the new guys, but it just wasn't a good day for photos. I did film this quick video of Pepperoni and Shaggy in their corral. They are in what we call "The Chicken Pen", one of our Isolation areas. They have settled in and become good friends. Both are beginning to eat Equine Senior, poor Shaggy has very few teeth left and will have to mainly eat ES and just chew hay for fun. Hopefully, with some good food and proper care, he can gain some weight. He's a sprightly little guy and extremely gentle and kind. Look at the poor guy's wormy belly. We have to take the worming slow with him and will be using a Power Pack to get him started.

Hopefully, the weather will settle down for the holiday weekend. I'm sure we will have lots of visitors and volunteers out at the rescue!

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Mikey said...

Poor Shaggy. That is one pathetic creature. I'm SO GLAD you have him now and will give him the care he so deserves.
We got the weird weather too. Lots of mud here today. I gave up on cleaning pens.
I love Slewus. I would give just about anything to be able to ride that horse. If I lived closer... I'd be there every day, lol. That is totally my kind of horse.
You guys do such a great job. I love to come see what's new with you.